Morrowind’s Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles Trailer

Lyithdonea, the isles of Dusk and Dawn, a scenic paradise of tropical jungles, peaceful waterways, ancient strongholds and bamboo forests. This eastern most region of the territorial lands of the Dunmer and Morrowind is home to Azura City, a massive metropolis that dominates the center of these Azurian Isles, where merchants from two continents trade wares in the street and priests of Azura worship from the temples. Outside this regional hub of activity is a beautiful landscape of mountains, jungles, swamps, and bamboo forests where small Velothian towns and Dunmer strongholds dot the shorelines, with ancient Daedric shrines poking out from the skyline.

A land of both beauty and danger, the Azurian Isles are home to some of the most awe-inspiring landmarks you’re like to find in Tamriel, like the gardens of the isles of the dawn, or the temples of Starmount Mountain, but these isles are also home to numerous dangers, from the dragons that ply the skies to the smugglers and Daedric cultists that make the numerous cracks and crevasses of this rough terrain their home. Regardless of what you’ll find in Lyithdonea, one thing is sure, adventure awaits around every corner, with new marvels to gawk at and new foes to defeat, you’ll find it all in the Azurian Isles!

Lytihdonea – The Azurian Isles is a project created by Melchior Dahrk, and currently the mod project is in an Alpha state, with exteriors mostly complete and some interiors and hostile NPCs in place, but Melchior’s currently looking for help with this massive project, and if you’re interested in chipping in an interior or two, you can make a submission at Project Tamriel!

You can read more about Lyithdonea here.

The music in this video is “Rise of the Phoenix 2” By Johannes Bornlof, and you can download it from Epidemic Sound.

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