Morrowind Modathon – Isle of the Dead – Week One Winner!

To the west of Solstheim lies a forbidden place, a land of ash, smoke and fire, covered in the ancient ruins of Daedric shrines and the remains of the dead. A dangerous and tumultuous isle, the restless spirits of the past still linger here, waiting to avenge their deaths on hapless victims that wander too close. Still, rumors abound that great rewards may await those who would face the dangers of this deadly isle, people speak of ancient artifacts and treasure fit for kings. The question is, will you take up the challenge of the dead and run headlong into peril? If you do, there’s but one path for you… Fight or Die, Outlander, Fight or Die, those are the only choices to be made on the Isle of the Dead.

Isle of the Dead was released by Trancemaster_1988 on May 6th as part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2015 competition, and it’s one of three random drawing winners for the first week of May. All winners of Morrowind Modathon get free games, trailers and independent showcases of their mods on Morrowind Modding Showcases!

You can check out Isle of the Dead and download it today here.
Note: Isle of the Dead conflicts with the Tamriel Rebuilt Alpha

You can also check out the other two winners below:
Christmas Like Snowflake Texture By Symbiote Dinosaur
Deepscorn By Istreddify

Want to participate in Morrowind Modathon Month and potentially win prizes? It’s easy, just check out our announcement video and rewards video for more detials!

The music in this video is “Battle Scars 5” By composer Rannar Sillard from Epidemic Sound.

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