Province Cyrodiil – The Island of Stirk Trailer

The island of Stirk is one of Cyrodiil’s outlying islands, off the western shores of the Gold Coast in the Abecean Sea. Home to the rather large settlement of Stirk (named after the island itself), the residents of this fairly sizable island are employed in a variety of activities, from working in the frequently busy harbor to fishing off the shores of the island, though most are impoverished and many of the streets of this fine city are in a state of decay.

Despite the settled nature of the island of Stirk, there’s still plenty of danger lurking on the outskirts, from the ancient Ayleid ruins that dominate the island, to the presence of pirates, a constant threat in the Abecean Sea, who make harbor off the smaller islands surrounding Stirk.

You can visit Stirk today as part of the Province: Cyrodiil Stirk Alpha. Though not as yet complete, the Province: Cyrodiil team is currently putting on the finishing touches, with all interiors and most of the quests for the island complete, and a finalized version of Stirk could hopefully come out sometime this year. With that said, Province: Cyrodiil is in need of more modders to work on the cities of Anvil and Brina Cross, so you can help them rebuild Cyrodiil today by going to their websiteand joining the team!

You can download the Stirk Alpha here.
Check out the official Province: Cyrodiil trailer here.
You can also read more about the history of Stirk here.

The music in this trailer is “Orchestral Atmospheres 3” by composer Magnus Ringblom from Epidemic Sound.

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