Morrowind May Modathon Month – The Rules and Prizes

In order to properly celebrate Morrowind’s 13th anniversary this year, we’re doing something special, we’re hosting a competition and giveaway where any participating modders can win prizes such as Indie or AAA games for making and releasing mods on Morrowind Nexus, Great House Fliggerty, or some third-party website.


You can participate by leaving a short note in the mod description page of your mod at Morrowind Nexus and GHF that includes “Part of the May Modathon Month” somewhere near the top of the mod’s description. This is critical, because otherwise we won’t know to include your mod in the event.

if you don’t know how to make Morrowind mods, I’d highly recommend you check out our Let’s Mod Morrowind series to get a sense of the basics (and indeed, this includes basic scripting, quest design, and many other elements of the CS).

How it Works:

There are two different ways you can win prizes during Morrowind May Modathon Month, and we’ll be going over both ways in detail below.

Every week two-three different modders will be selected at random to win a single AAA or Indie game, and the way this works is that we’ll compose a list of all participating mods released that week, plug them into a random number generator, and the top three results we get back will be the winners for that week.

If you win in one of these weekly drawings, I’ll send you a message on the Nexus, GHF, or some other forum board notifying you that you’ve won and providing a list of three games you can choose from as your prize. If you already own all three games, or want to specify a particular genre of game you want as a reward, I’ll send you an updated list to choose from. Please try not to abuse this system though, due to financial reasons, I can’t necessarily give you the best games on the market right now, and the fact of the matter is that the Morrowind Modding Showcases channel operates at a monthly loss, it costs more to maintain than it brings in with ad revenue. So please, don’t abuse the system!

The second way you can win is through the grand prize, the mod of the month award with 10~15 games as prizes. This award is determined by a panel of five secret judges who’ll be going through and rating each mod in the entire event on a simple numerical scale.

The scale they’ll be using can be found below:

  1. 5 Points for Mod Functionality (Mod does what it’s supposed to)
  2. 3 Points for Mod Quality (Polish and extra features)
  3. 2 Points for Mod Cleaning (No dirty references or GMSTs)

If you don’t know how to clean Morrowind mods, I’d recommend tes3cmd and you can find a tutorial on how to use it here.

The total points possible for any mod is 50, or a 10 out of 10 from each judge. In the event of a tie, we should have enough games to go around for all.

Indeed, we have over 100 games in stock to give away, so if you collaborate on a mod with someone else, regardless of which of the two ways you can win, everyone involved will still get something for their efforts.


Overall this competition and giveaway is pretty easy to understand, and there aren’t a whole lot of rules involved, but there are a few things we should clear up just in case.

First, all types of mods are perfectly acceptable. From texture replacers to gameplay tweaks to content mods like house mods, quest mods, or dungeon mods. All of those are fine and will be accepted for the competition! The only kind of mod that will NOT be accepted is cheat mods, i.e. placing a barrel full of loot in the middle of Seyda Neen or placing a daedric longsword in the Census and Excise Office. Cheat mods like that will not be considered for the competition.

Also, it should be pointed out that for larger mod projects, you can submit a demo or playable beta of your mod as part of the competition and it’ll be perfectly acceptable. I do need to stress that it must absolutely be playable though. Any mod that crashes to desktop upon loading the game will not be considered.


Here you’ll find the exact prize listings for each of the two ways you can win.

Weekly Drawing (2-3 Winners Each Week) Prizes:

  1. One Indie or AAA Game
  2. A Special Modathon Winner Graphic as designed by Melchior (that you can embed into your mod’s description)
  3. A Trailer/Showcase video on the Morrowind Modding Showcases channel

Grand Prize Winner – The Mod of the Month Award:

  1. 10~15 Indie and AAA games
  2. A unique graphic composed from screenshots of your mod declaring you the winner of Morrowind May Modathon Month 2015, as created by Melchior Dahrk (ideal for embedding into your mod’s description)
  3. A trailer/showcase video on the Morrowind Modding Showcases channel
  4. The first in a brand new series that will air every month after May called the “Mod of the Month” series, honoring the best quality mods released each month.

Anyway, that should explain everything! Best of luck to everyone whose going to participate (and really, you should all participate, because modding is both easy AND fun, and this way you could win prizes for doing something you may end up enjoying anyway).

The competition ends June 1st, and we should have a list of grand prize winners available by June 10th!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and/or send me a message!

Happy 13 Years of Resdayn! May Modding Morrowind Never Die!

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