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Morrowind Mods / [BETA\RELz] Nyarlathotep
« on: May 11, 2016, 06:59:12 PM »
My first released modification after fourteen of passive enjoyment. I decided that Nyarlathotep is finally ready for a beta release. I would love feedback of any kind, especially bugs or ideas for expansion or additional content.



Adds a small daedric shrine to Alas Ancestral Tomb. The aim of this mod is to extend Mehrunes Dagon's quest, by making the acquisition of the rusty razor a more daunting endeavor. The ruble once blocking the mysterious remainder of the Alas Ancestral Tomb has been cleared, and the mysterious shrine of Nyarlathotep is now accessible once more.

The Alas family's worship of the "bad daedra" of the four corners of the house of troubles has led to the creation of an occult summoning ground. In a pact with the Ogrim, Nyarlathotep, Milvonu and Andrale Alas have created portals to bring daedra en masse to Nurn. Will you reclaim the razor for a more virtuous use? Or will you use it for a purpose even more nefarious?


1. This is an alpha release for play testing and bug finding purposes first and foremost. It has been cleaned of any dirty references by hand, but i make no promises that this ESP will have no negative effects on your saves.

2. This mod makes no alterations or references to Mehrune's Razor. It only relocates "A Rusty Dagger" to the aforementioned daedric shrine. It does alter very slightly the layout of Alas Ancestral Tomb, but only very slightly.

3. This mod currently contains no readme.

4. Morrowind Modathon, although this might achieve a full release during May, a full release this is not.


Midgetalien : Daedric Stuff Resources

Shannon Workman : Lowpoly Skeleton Bodyparts

Dongle :  Mehrunes Accessories

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