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Anything will do, the bare minimum requirement is only one paragraph, and more than one paragraph is definitely welcomed!

If there is still any lingering interest, I will continue taking entries from today to June 30th. I am sorry for the deadline but I need to get this wrapped up.

Here is an image of the Grand Architect's tower (top). I tried to work bottom to top for this but found starting on the top was much easier. The idea is it gets a bit more decorated on each floor, with the lowest floor having some work done on it is mostly covered with twisty Telvanni branches (which will have some decorations, of course, let's not make it too dry!) And the second floor will be a happy medium, while the top (as seen) boasts no Telvanni branches, and is much more conventional and formal. I've retextured the wine rack and a table (which is in the foreground) to match the cherry wood textures of the drawers, bed, desk, and chairs. Decorating the top is still going on, I should have a better .esp for this coming Progress Update though. Hopefully I'll be finished with decorating the Observatory soon, though that one has proven tough.

I believe I've already submitted two quest designs (which I should probably re-read and make changes to) somewhere on the forum, and we have another one or two by you, DarkElfGuy, I think? As for the deadline, I can work with that. Regarding administration, how long is long-term? Does this coincide with recognition in the Morrowind modding community?

Nice map ShylyMrWolf! most of the unclaimed areas seem to be mostly gathered in one spot which might make the garden idea a very good possibility, it could even work as a park too. We may need to scout the forums and see who hasn't posted in a while, or their claims, and see if they're still with us or if we might have to cut them off and figure out what else to do, provided we aren't able to reach them (though I'm sure they have Forum accounts over at UESP, Fliggerty, Bethesda, Nexus, and so on).

Hopefully we can get this going again. Hate to see all this effort and team spirit go to waste  :'(
Nice to see a post from you, and we're all in agreement about this. We're trying to rally ourselves back together (though you have probably noticed) and centralize again. I do regret that we didn't catch this sooner, then it might have been not as serious had we acted a month or two ago instead of now. I do think that we need another admin who can be more active in the project, as the other admins seem to be more busy with other projects and we need daily checkups and communication rather than periods of silence such as this.

Onto work that needs to be done - we could definitely update to see what else needs to be done. I still believe we should cut ambition of the project as there is a lot more than our small team can handle right now, we expected to get more than who actually showed up unfortunately (and which nobody can be blamed for). We have a map that is similar to what we might have from a few months ago on these forums though.

We will succeed in the end, there is nothing in the way besides size and motivation, the latter of which I have plenty of right now.  :)

That is indeed some good news, hopefully this might result in a new plan as well.

Some more updates, the Administration Office is more or less complete, the party on the right side of the entry center is done at this point too.

Administration Office -

Party Area -

I've also been working on the Observatory interior, it has a slight museum appearance on the lower floor with food and some fine wine laid out, and an actual observatory interior of course.

Thank you for the words Autoclock, he has been here indeed now that I check, though his silence is disturbing. As for the plot expansions ... well everyone knows my thought on those, I was initially for them but now that is an issue, and no longer a looming one, also as pointed out we're not Skyrim: Home of the Nords/Tamriel Rebuilt/etc, though we have definitely done something the original ModTowns have not (subtly, this will be expanded on).

Now, for the modders who were/are inactive, I wish we had more emails, then we could ask if they want to join us or are truly done. I know some, like PrincessStomper can be reached on their websites. I have tried to reach Melchior Dahrk time and time again only for him to not respond, I assume he is busy with all his mod projects. I feel we may need to open up some topics to revive interest on Nexus, the Bethesda Forums, Fliggerty, and other websites. Though we should also try to contact Publick Gamer and/or DarkElfGuy one last time and see if we can get a video together, if not we could assemble some of our best pictures and use this, or even make a slideshow out of them.

Now for that thing that the other original ModTowns have not done, so far we have seen it as a bit of a bad thing, but we're in 2016 now. Autoclock points out that we were originally slated for release in December of 2015 and to be a snapshot of 2015, but now we can say we are a snapshot of 2015-2016, a title that should not be looked down upon or ashamed of, we should not lose hope. We may be overdue for our original release of December, but now we can add another four digits to our title. There is no ModTown 2004-2005, ModTown 2006-2007, and so forth.

Point is, the rest of us that are still here (save for Autoclock, may he find better luck in his other ventures), we should take some pride in what we are doing. I've probably said this before, but let's not lose hope, and let's gain some new modders to ModTown 2015, though we still need to address these issues.

Yeah, we should try that actually.

I do have a desktop camera recorder/editor, but it does not work well in-game, though I know of a few other recording materials.

About the PR, Darkelfguy is the perfrect candidate, but he's not been on the forums.
Welcome back, and that's the problem, we need to figure out how to work around DarkElfGuy not coming on, since slowing down is the reverse of what we want. I checked DarkElfGuy's YouTube channel recently and I have not found any ModTown things for months which is another concern to me, hence the PR question.

I've definitely forgotten about the garden idea and that is a viable alternative.

Modder Claims / Re: [Modder Claim] Plot 26 - Autoclock
« on: June 11, 2016, 03:27:14 AM »
A very strong written post, I respect your intentions and I did not mean to ask you to do more if it sounds like that. Regarding the issue with DarkElfGuy, I wish we had acted sooner and came up with a plan earlier after the first two weeks of him not coming. If he won't come, that's his choice and I respect that too, I won't talk about Morrowind Modding Showcases.

Right now, this is all I have to say.

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