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Open Public Building Claims / Re: [Open Claim] Newspaper Office
« on: December 14, 2016, 01:29:13 PM »
Any modders checking this -- I'll be working on this claim. Apologies for the Necropost.

No problem, I've updated my own plot a considerable number of times before settling myself. I apologize on behalf of my late reply.

Go ahead and work on it. I want to get this project rolling under a new name, ModTown 2015 doesn't work anymore in ... 2017.

Morrowind Mods / Re: Stuck in Morrowind mod Suran Underworld
« on: November 17, 2016, 07:26:23 PM »
Hey, sorry you haven't heard from anyone. Anyways, I'll download the mod this weekend and help look into the problem. Welcome!

Master Planning and Discussion / Re: Modder Dues
« on: August 02, 2016, 03:21:54 PM »
I've been writing up a small book for the consortium, just a simple list of the modder payments, so if anyone else has weird payments they want in the ledger go ahead and send them.  ;) I've already got yours down, Melchior.

Modder Claims / Re: [Modder Claim] -- plot 37 - Danae
« on: July 20, 2016, 04:11:32 PM »
Very nice, great work!  :)

Master Planning and Discussion / Re: Modder Dues
« on: July 18, 2016, 03:43:43 PM »
I would think how much is paid in dues is up to the modder in question, though I may be wrong.

Modder Claims / Re: Modder Claims Guideline - Please Read!
« on: July 18, 2016, 03:42:40 PM »
I am not sure if I understand your question, but it should be: Data Files/(Meshes/Textures/Icons)/MT15/(Your identity).

Status check:

Let's see where we are currently, we have slightly more than two weeks left to work on personal/public claims for ModTown 2015, and I think it's important we rally up again and find out how we're all doing. Now, I've been a bit busy with work lately though I've still been chipping away at the Community Consortium, nothing noteworthy of being posted yet though since my last update on the Consortium thread however.

Modder Claims / Re: [Modder Claim] -- plot 37 - Danae
« on: July 03, 2016, 04:05:25 AM »
This is a really unique housing thing you have here, I agree with Lefok on Marshmerrow, I think the island could use some flora "container" loving.  ;D

Master Planning and Discussion / Re: So Bad News
« on: June 29, 2016, 12:04:37 PM »
That is an unfortunate setback, especially with how many hours you put into them.  :-[ Hope it is indeed fixable or that you can get your files back on a new computer. In the meantime if you are indeed able to put your WIPs up here, that could work as a backup so when you are able to mod again you can pick up where you left off.

Modder Claims / Re: [Modder Claim] -- plot 37 - Danae
« on: June 28, 2016, 02:07:59 AM »
Sounds good, very good! I cannot wait to see what you'll make!

To the administrators (currently: Melchior Dahrk and DarkElfGuy):
Spoiler for Hiden:
It's not in my authority to grant plot requests and normally I would send a PM to inform you two that there is a new request. However, we are in the closing stage of our work and we still have unclaimed plots left, I figured it is best to give the okay signal to people who make a claim and know what they are doing. Therefore, to maximize that time, letting them know as quickly as possible is a must and given the status of our project it's best to get as many of these filled out in the allotted time we have and reduce potential stress later folk might have with time boundaries. Thank you.

Modder Claims / Re: [Modder Claim] -- plot 37 - Istreddify
« on: June 27, 2016, 01:54:44 PM »
I think so, you would have until July 31st to complete it to your liking.

I took to editing the labor office, almost done with the break room - it's mostly drunk party games in there. I found I could make a somewhat unique wall decoration in com- interiors with a wine rack. I put the wine rack in, slid it up, and then pulled it back a little bit.

EDIT: Just saw the release date for the progress video, aargh, I missed it!

Construction Set / Re: Creating Custom Assets?
« on: June 26, 2016, 10:14:00 PM »
Nifskope is by far the most friendly for Morrowind, that being said it's pretty limited unless you know what you're doing. Luckily, it's really easy to learn too. For more advanced 3d modelling, use Blender v2.49b + Nif Scripts. A good image editing program for free is GIMP which I use, has most of the things Photoshop has at 100% discount. Someone else on the Nexus asked me this a little while back, here's the full PM conversation (I should get around to that basics video):

Spoiler for Hiden:
I definitely do a lot more playing with weapons than armour (though I've made lot's of armour sets for myself). What you do to edit armour (or anything really) in Nifskope (for sizes) is to right click on the object (it should be hi-lighted with white lines everywhere) and click "Transform" to edit where it is on the axis (I wouldn't recommend doing this with weapon hilts/handles, since it messed up where your character holds it).

Furthermore for Nifskope, (I'm not sure if they updated or if my version is old) but if you press "view" you can look at a "block list" which will allow you to edit textures they use, to edit how the texture looks on the armour you can right click the armour again and hover over "Texture" and press "UV Edit."

My tip for you is to just play with Nifskope. Don't worry about whether or not the mesh will work in the construction set, just play with it for a little. Making meshes for fun is a great way to learn how Nifskope works, it's a bit weirder with creatures, but if you're making furniture just about any mesh you do will work. Just make sure that when you combine things in Nifskope you give them a "parent-node."

The best thing is you can learn through trial & error, what works and what doesn't work. It may seem like a slow process but it helps very much when making meshes, and the first thing I learned in Nifskope was editing texture paths through doing this, and making many meshes where some worked in-game, other's did not. But I learned a lot on how to make my own armour, weapons, architecture tiles, et cetera.

I also have some pictures if you don't quite understand what I'm talking about or simply want visuals (I know I like visual pictures when it comes to .nif editing. (Resizing/Moving/Rotating) (Block List/Block Details) (Texture Editing) (Colour Editing) (UV mapping) (Nodes) (Copying) (Pasting)

When pasting something to armour, make sure to change the newly pasted object's "ID." In this example, I copied "Tri Chest 0" and pasted a new "Tri Chest 0." This isn't game breaking to have two "Tri Chest 0's" but it will mean either both "Tri Chest 0's" or all "Tri Chest 0's" won't appear when you put on the armour, so name the new pasted objected "Tri Chest 8" like in the example, since you have to do the next number in line that is not taken. (So for this Bonemold armour mesh, I have to do 8 since numbers 0-7 are taken).

Furthermore, it's best to take things from other armour and clothing if you want to make a new outfit, rather than, say, static items as those have not been made to be worn! Finally, ideally your armour "Block List (on the left)" should look something like this if you want it to work as you intend it in-game:
Sorry for such a lengthy message! I didn't think it'd be this long, anyways, feel free to ask if you have anymore questions. And - just in case you don't have all the necessary things for Blender v2.49 + Nif scripts here is a link:

Here is an installation guide:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Ooh, alright. So to make the armour mesh a part of "wearable" columns, in the object windows/tabs is "Body Part." You'll want to right click and "create new," then make sure the "armour" circle is shaded (under Part Type), then in "Add Art File" select your helmet, and save. Then you can select your helmet in the male/female columns. It should be noted also that the female (or male, you just need to choose one) column(s) are entirely optional and are mostly used for a cuirass or greaves, since it only determines whether or not you want each gender to have the helmet look differently on them. So you can leave one blank, basically.

Images: (Body Part creation example). (Implementation of Body Part example).


Spoiler for Hiden:

Move it to where you want it, then right click the mesh, hover over "Transformation," and click "Apply."


If you're still getting trouble about the mesh, it might be best to simply re-make it, OR separate it from other meshes, open it up in Blender, do some personal improvements (if you want), then export it again and try to transform/apply.

Happy modding (and New Years!)

Spoiler for Hiden:
Hm. So if I'm reading this correctly the Redoran Watch Gauntlets look like the Chitin Gauntlets? Or are they just based off of the mesh of the Chitin Gauntlets but have a different texture. I know when using "Vanilla" resources, (and I'm not sure if you did this) you can simply change the ID of for example, "chitin gauntlet - right" to something like "redorangauntlet right" and create a new object with the same settings.

However, if you had to toy with the mesh a little (A_M_Chitin_skinned) to edit the texture, as in copy the gauntlets parts and paste them into a new mesh that's where something may have went wrong. As Bethesda made "skinned" objects a bit weird. You can edit the texture on the "skinned" mesh though even if the block list doesn't display the edit texture sign on it (when it's stuck on the Spine1 tree) by taking advantage of "Block Details" tab and doing the following:

  •     Find "Properties" with a little recycle sign (two green arrows, one going up, and one going down). Open that tab and under it should be "34 [NiTexturingProperty] (this may be shortened to just [NiTexturi...] depending on your display settings)." Beside this should be a blue arrow, right click it and press "follow link."
  •     Now you should be taken to a new part of the Block Details, on the part of the gauntlet you selected (palm, thumb, etc). Find "Base Texture." This is where you can edit what the mesh uses for it's texture, open the tab when you find that and their should be another blue arrow within it. Follow that link and you can edit the textures.

Here are some pictures as well:

Step 1 (Finding Properties and NiTexturingProperty):

Step 2 (Finding Base Textures and following the Link):

Step 3 (Accessing texture editing):

If none of those were what you think were your problem, Morrowind does have a weird way of setting up "1st.person" views with the gauntlets. So if you haven't you could make a first person gauntlets mesh though it doesn't really matter if you don't want to, but what does matter is you need to have those gauntlets in first person no matter what mesh you use, and it also has to be optimized for first person. And you have to make it case sensitive in the "Body Parts" category if you're using your own, but with ".1st" at the end.

However, an alternative is bracers which most first-timers favour since they might look to be a lot more dependable and don't require as much work as gauntlets, though many people still find Gauntlets on their characters more "attractive" (you know what I mean) rather than bracers. So it really depends on if you want to go through making gauntlets, or go with bracers.

So if you're still having problems feel free to send me another private message (and you're welcome)!

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