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Introductions / Hi
« on: June 22, 2016, 09:27:59 PM »
Hey, just wanted to say I'm sure I've missed a lot over the last couple of months in regards to ModTown and such. I'm not going to bother reading through all the posts since March or so but I am proud of the folks who are still plugging away at making the neat content that this project shines with and of those who have finished up claims to get merged in and expand the project.

Real life has and is keeping me pretty busy at the moment. With that said, I'll try to at least keep up with plots finishing and things needing to be merged and fixed if I can.

Feel free to use this thread or my email ( to contact me.


Open Public Building Claims / [Claimed] NPC Homes 8-9 - Melchior Dahrk
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:18:14 PM »
Claiming these homes (the group of houses directly South of the Mages Guild). Not sure what for, but I feel like putzing around. I'll make something in this space.

Open Public Building Claims / [Finished Claim] Hightown Wall
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:09:06 PM »
Claim Name: Hightown Wall
Description: Just a bland fort wall on the northeast side of town on the bluff.
Number of interiors: One
Architectural style: Imperial

Claim is finished and will be included in the next update.

Claim Name: Dippy Dorugg's Deep Dive
Description: A dive challenge where you jump into the depths of Nirn, dodging obstacles on the way down. Scripting this is a bit tricky. But essentially it'll go like this: You pay for a special scroll from Dorugg which will allow you to "quit" at anytime and teleport back to the top - or get you back to the top if you "win" by reaching the bottom of the challenge (teleportation and levitation are disabled). I'm not sure how I want to handle slowfall yet. At first I was thinking that I wanted the puzzle to kill you if you couldn't avoid something quickly enough, but now I am thinking that maybe instead it will teleport you back if you contact something above the "winning depth". In which case, maybe slowfall could be used to my advantage. Of course, I think the latest MCP "fixes" SlowFall by making it scale down fall damage rather than removing it entirely. So it could still pose an issue if that is the case... I will have to see if there's something I can control as far as fall damage goes.

In the end, you get a prize if you reach the bottom of the hole. It's just the getting there that I have to control to try and avoid easy cheats. I don't expect it to be bulletproof, but I plan to do what I can.

Number of interiors: Up to me
Architectural style: Common/Imperial/Cave/Mixed

Open Public Building Claims / [Claimed] City Guard Fort - Melchior Dahrk
« on: January 17, 2016, 11:54:13 AM »
Claim Name: City Guard Fort
Description: In the water down from the bluff. The City Guard are headquartered here. Claim includes the tower on top of the bluff for access to the fort.
Number of interiors: Up to me
Architectural style: Imperial

NPC and Book Creation / [Dialogue] Writing Prompts
« on: October 20, 2015, 04:05:12 PM »
Based on comments in this thread and my own difficulties in getting started with writing dialogue for this project, I'm trying to get us off the ground by coming up with some prompts and compiling some background info to use in dialogue.

List of Optional Common Topics

Community Consortium
  • The Community Consortium is an organization of NPCs created to service the needs of ModTown and the modders that dwell there. Often their primary task is providing supplies and materials to various modders, assisting in modder works, and planning the expansion of the town and bringing in new trade and residents. While an organization designed to support the ModTown community and modders in particular, the relationship between the Community Consortium and modders is not singularly beneficial to just the modders. In return for their services, modders pay Community Consortium membership dues, and also provide new structures and land on occasion to support the expansion and growth of ModTown. Of course, this doesn't work quite so simply as all of that, with many modders reluctant to pay their part, or disagreeing about how an expansion should be managed, or if it should occur at all. The player will wander into all of this as they make their way through the ranks.
Creatia Island
  • The name of the island and small islets that ModTown is built on.
  • The mushroom wielding giant outside of town.
Grand Architect
  • The GA is the highest ranking official in the CC. He and the planning commisioner (directly below him) are corrupt and paranoid. This is not common knowledge, but could be alluded to in opinions
latest rumors
  • Could be related to the main quest or dungeons on the island or the goblin camp or 4th wall breaking news about modding or whatever
little advice
little secret

  • Barracks, Bathhouse, Casino, Smithy, Enchanter, Merchant Hall, The Esteemed Alit Inn, The Knight's Tower Inn, Fort
Someone in particular
  • Hard to do before we start NPCing... but could involve modders, CC members, barracks commander, etc
specific place
The Assembler
  • The villain in the main quest. He makes bone creatures and lives in the volcano. People may be scared of him or his minions showing up and terrorizing the countryside.


Community Consortium
Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: The Consortium is the administrative organization on Creatia Island. They mediate between the Modders and Non-Modders here in ModTown.
Random: If you're new in town, the Community Consortium can help you get your bearings. They're the administrative organization here in ModTown.
Random: The Community Consortium is a group which in the best of times serves as an impartial governing body for ModTown. They approve city expansions, provide residency training for new modders, maintain the flow of goods and supplies for modders and non-modders alike, facilitate ambassadorial initiatives with foreign powers, and nearly anything else you can imagine.
Random: They're the ruling body here, of a sorts. You need something approved? You need to go to the CC.

Creatia Island
Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: Creatia Island is the landmass that ModTown was built upon.
Random: By visiting us here in ModTown, you have arrived at Creatia Island. This beautiful area holds many exciting places to explore and discover.
Random: Creatia Island is the landmass that ModTown was built upon. The island itself contains various sub-regions, all of which are dominated by the large volcano which looms up from the northern part of the island. On the slopes of the volcano, are some small Ashlands; and the Western Plateau of ModTown overlooks a large Grazeland area. But most of Creatia Island is covered in flora from the Ascadian Isles of Vvardenfell.
Random: Creatia Island is dominated by the large volcano which looms up from the northern part of the island. Other, smaller sub-regions are scattered around the periphery of the volcano: Ashlands, Grazelands, and Ascadian Isles.
Random: There are many things to see and do beyond the walls of ModTown, %PCRace. Just be careful if you're venturing into any cave or ruin as the Community Consortium does not maintain patrols beyond the city proper.
Melchior Dahrk: That is the name of the island that ModTown was built upon. When Darkelfguy and myself conspired to lay the foundation for this city, I agreed to create the island. I went for a style strongly inspired by Vvardenfell but on a much smaller scale. So you'll see a bit of the Grazelands over where Old Ekkeog tends his flock and some Ashlands at the base of the volcano; but the island was predominantly terraformed after the Ascadian Isles region. Arguably the most idyllic area in Morrowind.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Melchior Dahrk: Have you met our parasol mushroom carrying giant? He keeps a flock of goats out past the Western edge of ModTown. He's friendly enough for a giant. But I wouldn't lay hands on his goats... very touchy about those creatures, he is.
Random: RACE: DARK ELF: The giant on the western edge of ModTown. He's usually pretty timid, but a Breton once tripped over one of his sleeping goats. Poor fetcher was unrecognizable by the time they calmed Ekkeog down again.
Random: RACE: ARGONIAN: The large one, near the western edge of ModTown. Just keep heading west until you smell goats.
Random: RACE: IMPERIAL: He's a giant, and a resident here in ModTown. He carries a giant mushroom around with him, and shepherds a flock of goats. He's usually pretty tame but giants are unpredictable, so approach him at your own risk. You'll find him if you keep travelling west through the town.

latest rumors
Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: Apparently someone thought they saw S'Havarr in a dark part of ModTown with a moonsugar dealer. Do you believe them?

little advice
Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: If you're venturing beyond the border of ModTown proper, I would suggest going well equipped. Most of Creatia Island is tranquil on the surface, but there are some dark places if you step off the beaten path.
Random: There's an old Daedric tower just north of ModTown which is historically called the Tower of Baelgon. Though no one alive today could tell you who or what Baelgon was. My advice to you would be to steer clear of that place - dark powers dwell below its eldritch exterior.
Random: IF DISPOSITION IS BELOW 30: You stink, tourist. There's a bathhouse in town, just West of the gathering hall, behind the Esteemed Alit Inn. Go get yourself a good scrub down.
Random: You look like you're new, visitor. The Community Consortium has a great Visitor Center with information about what ModTown has to offer. Their complex is on the large island just West of the main city.

little secret
Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: If you're looking for a challenge, Melchior Dahrk has been known to allow enterprising treasure hunters to raid his vault if they do some sort of work for him. Dahrk Manor is the overgrown Velothi tower just East of the Gathering Hall if you're heading towards the docks and Census and Exise offices.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Melchior Dahrk: That is the term given to the group of individuals who modify, create, and/or remove content from the game. Their work includes things as small as a new shack in Seyda Neen or as large as developing the entire mainland of Morrowind. Simply by visiting this island, you are experiencing a single mod collaboratively created by a group of modders.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Melchior Dahrk: ModTown is a community of modders. But while modders comprise the majority of the population, the city has a large number of non-modder inhabitants who provide many essential services. This ModTown was built on Creatia Island in 2015. But there have been several iterations of ModTown in the past. Each with different groups of modders depending on the year it was built. Between the modder homes, the city, and the island itself, there is a lot to see and do here in ModTown 2015.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: The enchanter shop can be found directly across from the bathhouse. Do take care of what you say to the enchanter though, he's gone under some heavy fire lately for a rumor.

specific place
Spoiler for Hiden:
Random: If you're a fledgling adventurer, OrinDac's shop is a great place to find adventuring gear. There's a wide variety of armour and weapons to suit whatever your needs may be.

I hope this helps. I will add to it as I can. Feel free to comment with additions/suggestions. Let's keep going!

Off Topic / Ubisoft uses misleading advertising for HoMM7
« on: October 12, 2015, 01:00:07 PM »
I pre-ordered the HoMM7 Collector's Edition and Ubisoft tried to pull a fast one by not even shipping it with a game. They wouldn't even acknowledge their mistake when I and many others complained about it on their forums. This affected all the US customers but not the EU. I helped raise awareness by posting this on Reddit:

And then Ubisoft couldn't ignore us any longer:

And it's all over the news now! And even crediting my imgur account. :D

The power of the internet...

Modder Claims / [Modder Claim] Plot 24 - JohnK222
« on: October 05, 2015, 10:08:20 PM »
Claiming this plot for JMK who has sent me a revised version of his "Meet Me in Morrowind" mod to include in ModTown 2015. He releases his mods on DeviantArt and this one came out just 2 weeks ago and I thought it would fit here perfectly.

It will be included in the next landmass update.

Dungeon Design and Construction / [Daedric Ruin Claim] Tower of Baelgon
« on: October 03, 2015, 03:16:27 PM »
I'm claiming the Daedric tower I put by the mountain. Just going to make something interesting to explore at the moment.

I'm just getting started, so if there are thoughts of how this will/could be used in the Main Quest or Faction Quests, let me know. Otherwise, I'll just try to make it "questable" with some unique areas.

Modder Claims / [Modder Claim] Plot 12 - Melchior Dahrk
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:12:57 PM »
Architectural Style: Mixed Dunmer

Progress: Exterior 90% done

Melchior Dahrk is a Nightblade and Dunmer culture enthusiast, also a Daedra hunter and scholar, and self-proclaimed landscaper and botanist. Yet to be seen if he's much of an interior designer...

Master Planning and Discussion / Strategy for Resources
« on: June 28, 2015, 02:46:21 PM »
Let's make sure we're all on the same page. Here's what I am thinking:

  • All resources used in ModTown should be free-to-use
  • There should be no restriction on the # of resources used by a modder in their claim
  • Modders are encouraged to post about resources they plan to use in the Resource sub-forum here to gain general approval (especially for resources used on the EXTERIOR of their claim)
  • We should use the best methods for keeping a good set of credits (see my example below)

Something like this is what I am thinking for crediting resources used in ModTown 2015:

Giant with Parasol Mushroom
   Author: Arcimaestro Antares (Giant) & Melchior Dahrk (Mushroom)
   Directories/Files: \Meshes\MT15\HG\ ; \Textures\MT15\hg ; \Sound\ANCR\HG
   Author: Cait
   Directories/Files: \Meshes\MT15\cait ; \Textures\MT15\cait ; \Sound\Cr\Cait_Farm

I would encourage each modder to keep their own sub-folder inside of the MT15 sub-folder to keep things clean. As demonstrated above.

Let's have some discussion to iron this out more. If necessary.

Resource Requests / [Accept/Reject] Giant and Goats
« on: June 27, 2015, 06:01:00 PM »
Seeking general approval on some resources for inclusion.

Reason / Usage: My wife wanted me to put a giant shepherd with goats or sheep onto the island. I modified Antares' Hill Giant and included Cait's Goats, because I'm whipped; and I ended up liking how it looked. I figure old Ekkeog could be an aboriginal who has some knowledge to bestow during the main quest.

Looks like we can't create polls on this board, unless I am missing something. So I figure people can just voice their approval or dissent below.

Modder Claims / [Exterior Claim] ModTown Island Landmass
« on: June 27, 2015, 05:31:07 PM »
I've finished the first draft of ModTown 2015 Island. I really haven't done much with the town itself yet. I want other people to give that their own touch (mostly modder houses of course...). Please note that although I have fully placed rocks and flora, that does not mean it can't be moved or removed to make way for a modder home.


Fetaures so far:

1. ModTown (incomplete)
2. Faction Island (no structure yet)
3. ModTown Beach
4a. Daedric Tower
4b. Adjoining cave entrance
5. Pycave entrance for Fulgore
6. Entrance to DEG's Small Cave claim
7. Island Shrine
8. Goblin Settlement
9. Giant Goatherd

I know there has been talk of other dungeons and such. I don't have entrances yet, but those can easily be added. Either by the modders who make them or by me. I believe that Dark has done some testing on the best methods for merging exterior claims.

Looking for feedback. Good or ill.


!!!!! DOWNLOAD HERE (Updated December 29th) !!!!!

Master Planning and Discussion / Roll call!
« on: June 13, 2015, 11:17:41 AM »
Melchior Dahrk here.

Darkelfguy, how are you recruiting for this? Sending messages? At some point, we should make a post about it for any modders who might be lurking on the official forums. We want everyone to be included (as I'm sure you are already intending). I assume we might want to wait for that until we have the city planned out so that they can jump right into making claims.

Also, feel free to move this to a "General Discusion" sub-forum... just thought it'd be nice to get a roll call outside of the impersonal member list.

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