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With the administrators not giving us direction, I believe we need to open our own vent for a coherent plan of action, starting with the question "What do we do now?" Obviously, the first answer is to work on claims (and that's a good answer) but we need a bit more than that to keep going. So I feel it's time to open up a discussion where we can all put in our thoughts and come up with a good answer to the question we are facing, as this question might be just as important as the claims we are all working on.

  • First, we need PR again. We are lacking modders and this is showing as more people are leaving (no offense to anyone who plans to, of course). If we have publicity we will get noticed. We are by no means Tamriel Rebuilt, but we can come up with effective showcases.
  • Second we need to cut down ambition of the project, even though it seemed we were going to have a plot claim shortage this is clearly not the case. I think removing them would be too long though, so we can redistribute or convert them into other buildings and local dungeons unless we take the long route and remove them.
  • Third, this will work in conjugation with the first we need motivation. I admit, the first thing I want to do when I get back from a long day is sit and do my own things, and I don't have the power to force motivation, so along with the others we need to describe this more in depth.

With those three said, I feel now it's time we suggest and create more ideas.

Morrowind Mods / The Invasion
« on: March 13, 2016, 10:12:59 PM »
Just more enemies to fight in Vvardenfell, far from finished. The gist is an invasion from the Old World (this being loose, meaning Asia, Europe, Mesopotamia, and Africa) with people from various time periods. Example being a Sumerian Warrior and a Portuguese Conquistador (he has the arquebus). I will probably be between 4000 B.C and > (Less than or equal to) 1650 AD. There will be a bit more customization, as Sumerians did not have Iron Spears, Longbowmen didn't have short bows, and Mongols weren't/aren't Dunmer.

Left to right: Sumerian Warrior, Longbowman, Pavise-shield Crossbowman, Spanish Conquistador, Portuguese Conquistador, Byzantine Soldier, Mongolian (foot, no horses) Archer.

Morrowind Mods / Fantasy Scythes
« on: November 18, 2015, 01:25:52 AM »
I did a small mod, and incorporated some ideas I was given about model variety. Legitimately surprised a mod like this didn't exist, especially with all the scythe love the Internet gives.

Master Planning and Discussion / Modder Compendium (Community Consortium).
« on: November 16, 2015, 10:31:28 PM »
This topic is for any modder that would like to partake in the "Modder Compendium" which I described earlier as
Basically a library about Modders.
If you would like to partake in the Modder Compendium, please post at least one paragraph about yourself (or PM). This does not have to be real-life information like your name/age and such. But things like when you began modding and what kinds of mods you do, and how you, as a modder, would think about yourself and other mods or the creation of mods, et cetera. Please do not post any information that you would not like to see in publicity because I assure you, this will most certainly end up in Morrowind publicity.

This poll simply asks whether or not you like the back-up room Redoran Concept (One of the Redoran Councillors has to use one as the Morvayn Manor was overrun), or something like the Mages/Fighter guild with a room that has bunk beds.

Master Planning and Discussion / ModTown 2015 - Level Scaling
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:56:17 PM »
Inspired by Melchior Dahrk's post (here:,107.msg1808.html#msg1808) I think we should start talking about what we want to scale all the potential enemies for our main quest. I personally thought around level 30-50, but it occurred to me Morrowind get's newer players every month (or day, somewhere) and not everyone may be this range and as Melchior Dahrk pointed out, we shouldn't be Bloodmoon high. Well everyone, let's discuss.

Modding Tutorials / Basic "unique" dialogue
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:47:31 PM »
This tutorial is aimed at teaching people how to give certain NPCs unique dialogue, in particular, a greeting.

First, we will open "Dialogue" which is at the bottom of "Character." You will see we start out at "Topic." You will want to switch over to "Greetings" which is the third tab, after "Voice."

Now that we are at greeting, we will use this list provided by Emma to see what each greeting means:

Greetings 0: Npc is alarmed
Greetings 1: Quests (actually quests where it doesn't matter if the Player is a vampire, is naked, is a criminal, is diseased.
Greetings 2: Player is a vampire/player is naked
Greetings 3: Traitors to Morag Tong
Greetings 4: Crime and disease
Greetings 5: Quests
Greetings 6: Factions
Greetings 7: Classes, Endgame, Slaves
Greetings 8: Clothes (general greetings concerning how player is dressed)
Greetings 9: Locations.

I usually use "Greetings 1" for example, though it usually doesn't matter where you put your greeting. Now, assuming you too are using "Greetings 1" you can make a greeting but it must be under the "[You have failed your oath of silence]" greeting. Now, you can write up your greeting here. To personalize it you may use some of these: %PCName, %PCClass, %PCRace. I am not sure of any others. Let's look at what our unique greeting looks like so far:

I welcome you, %PCName (this means the character says the player's name) to my hearth. Please do not hesitate to ask for help.
However, it is not finished. At the "Speaker Condition" you will see a blank ID. Because it's blank, this will mean every character in Morrowind will say that! (And it is funny for a little while but it get's odd very quickly). So, click the drop down list on the ID and find the ID of the character you've created, you can also use these for creatures (like a scrib). Or, you can make it so only - for example, High Elves say this dialogue under the race speaker condition menu. Or people in a certain faction, people who are a certain rank in that faction (for example, Blade Operatives in the Blades or friends in the Ashlanders). You can also generalize this to people in the same cell (maybe everyone in Thirsk meadhall), certain class (for example, you can make everyone who is a knight say this), and PC Factions/Ranks which I have not yet toyed with.

This is the basic version of doing unique greetings on certain conditions. If you want to get a little more advanced, keep reading.

So you want to get a little better (I admit dialogue is not my strong point but I understand it enough). Let's look at the "Result" box.
You will see their is nothing in here. Utterly nothing. If you want to force a goodbye for example like some npcs will do under quest conditions (you don't require a quest luckily) simply type "goodbye" in the result box.

If you want the greeting to give the player an item, you would type:
player->additem "gold_001" 1000
Where the item in quotation marks is gold (all items do not use names but rather the given IDs), and the 1000 represents how much gold is added to the player's inventory. You can do this with any item in the game, if you want a little humour:
player->additem "misc_com_bottle_01" 10
this will add 10 empty bottles to the player's inventory.

You can also mod the npc's aggression towards the player, with these command(s): SetFight 100, and StartCombat-player
To stop it (this is mostly done by a script) you can do: StopCombat.

To reverse an added item, or to take away an item you can do the reverse:
player->removeitem "gold_001" 1000
player->removeitem "misc_com_bottle_01" 10
And these will take away the 1000 gold and the 10 bottles.

To make the npc follow you and be your companion (looking at the pack rat, scribs, and regular rats is a great way to start figuring these out):
AiFollow Player 0 0 0 0 0
And to stop
AiWander 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
And to activate companion mode (which allows inventory share):
Set companion to 1 (This requires a short script to activate companion, this is easily done by looking at the Pack Rat/Scrib/Rat scripts from Tribunal)

To make the NPC cast a spell one can simply type in
cast "absorb fatigue" player (and this will make the NPC cast absorb fatigue after dialogue usually however it's fortify/heal that are used)

If you want to make the npc like you or dislike you more use this command:
Moddisposition 10 (where you would do -10 to make the npc like you less)
This is useful for choosing certain choices which will be covered soon.

The last "used" command for the result box is "disable." This will make the npc disappear instantly. An example of this appearing is when *Spoiler* Caius Cosades leaves Balmora, and in extension - Morrowind. And now onto choices -

Choices: You and them.

Rather than use any of these commands for our unique greeting, we could make a choice which is another command. To create a choice you would do this:
Choice "I would like a sword." 1 "I would like an axe." 2
The first choice is a sword, the second choice is an axe. It doesn't end here though, nothing will happen if you pick a choice yet. You need to make two more responses above the original greeting (or the game does not acknowledge the existence of your choices). So, let's write up two response texts:
And a sword for you ...
A trusty axe for you.
Despite these two new options being made, nothing will still happen! Set up the ID to the character or creature again, and now in the results box we will add this for choice 1:
player->additem "imperial broadsword"
And for choice 2:
player->additem "steel battle axe" 1
Despite these, the choices will still not work. Now we have to move onto the function/variable tab.

Click the first drop down list and select "function." Now, click the second drop down list and select "choice." We are to leave the third drop down list to the equal sign, which designates that this response comes from choice 1. At the last blank box, type 1. This means we will get our imperial broadsword when we select choice 1. The same goes for choice 2, except we type in "2" at the blank box. You can have at most 6 choices for any dialogue piece. If you want to exit dialogue after you click choice 1, the result box would look something like this:
player->additem "imperial broadsword" 1
Now you will get your imperial broadsword and will be forced to leave the conversation.

Now: Topics!

This is straightforward, go back to the topics tab and right click. Press new. For this example, we will type in "hearth" as the topic name. Now, go back to the original greeting and press "Update hyperlinks." Capitalization does not matter, but what does matter is that both the "hearth" as the topic name is spelled the same and that the "hearth" in greeting is spelled the same. Now, make a new dialogue for the "hearth" topic. For example:

Yes. This is my home. I dwell in it.
And you should be clear for making topics. Remember to make the hearth dialogue response unique to the character. Furthermore, to clear up anything, in the info/response you right click to make new dialogue.

Modder Claims / [Modder Claim] Plot 1 - Turelek. [STAND-BY]
« on: July 18, 2015, 07:33:35 PM »
I will do a small, quaint house most likely with a mix of Hlaalu architecture and Telvanni vines, however I can't be too sure of what the architecture will be as their are a lot of sets I like though I want to keep the Hlaalu architecture as the "primary." This is of course assuming Plot 1 has not been taken (scrolling through the topics I did not see a claim for this plot). Of course my plans may change some time in the future, however, what I have thought of is a small dungeon with some minor treasures. The interior will follow Hlaalu style as well. I will keep everyone updated as much as I can. (I did get my Construction Set editor fixed to load all three .esm files!)

Introductions / Just checking in.
« on: July 18, 2015, 03:23:50 AM »
Hello modders. I greet you as Turelek, and would like to introduce myself. I have always wanted to see a new "ModTown" happen and am glad these efforts are being finally realized after failed attempts in the past by others. I would like to add that you may use any resources from any of my mods with my blessing (not sure if this is relevant or not but it is nice to know some things, yes?) and that as much as I would like to get more involved I may not be much use as my Construction Set editor tends to crash upon loading the Bloodmoon Expansion, nor am I too fluent in the language of scripting and quest-making. However, godspeed my friends in making such an arduous task regarding a new, great looking ModTown 2015. I guess this did not be much of an introduction but rather an approbation of goodwill towards the project.

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