Author Topic: (Relz) Realistic Bonemeall  (Read 2982 times)


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(Relz) Realistic Bonemeall
« on: August 10, 2017, 07:53:03 PM »
I found where you get bonemeal mostly from in Vanilla Morrowind just doesnít make much sense. There are two locations you can find it. The first being in what are supposed to be burial urns, so what do the Dunmer crush the bones of their dead? Doesnít seem likely to meÖ Secondly, you get it off of skeletons, so do you take the time while in midst of the this dangerous dungeon where you could be attacked again at any second to either crush the bones yourself or sweep the bone dust off the floor? Also doesnít strike me as likely. So this mod is my solution to that. This mod has a couple parts to it. Firstly, it greatly reduces the presence of bonemeal in the world, no longer can you find it on skeletal monsters or in burial urns. Now burial urns contain a new Ash ingredient, and you get bones off of skeletons. Bonemeal is still find-able anywhere else. The second part of this mod allows you to turn bones into bonemeal, you can do it one of two ways: firstly you can buy(from RaíVirr in Balmora) or steal (from him or one of many alchemists/apothecaries) the Magical Urn of Bone Crushing. It is kind of expensive though. Your second option is to pay and alchemist or apothecary to crush the bones for you. The bones are not ingredients themselves, you have to turn them into bonemeal to use them in potions.

Since bones are now far important, I replaced every static bone with a misc one. Instead of making a new misc skull, I simply replaced all of the furn_bone_skull_01 with misc_skull00, I thought the Vanilla furn_skull was too ugly to bother with, and Better Skulls simply uses the same mesh for both.

This will not effect any mods that as static bones themselves Iím afraid. Also, any mods such as James Fraserís Bones mod (which turns all the bones into ingredients) will cause cause doubling and are completely incompatible. But, you will still be able to have mod added npcs convert the bones from this mod to bone meal, as long as they are either in the vanilla class Alchemists Service or Apothecary Service.

Lastly, if anyone would be interested in making a mesh for a more manual way of crushing bones, as apposed the magical, Iíd be most appreciative. Iím not using Mortar and Pestles because scripting them to work around the alchemy menu would be too conflict heavy, and using the mesh for a new object would be (at least to me) far too confusing. So for now magically done it is. Granted, those Alchemist and Apothecaries that donít have urn probably do have a way of manually doing itÖ

This mod does change one of the Vanilla leveled lists, random_bonemeal. It removes that bonemeal from the list and replaces it with various bones. So you might want to merge the leveled lists when using this mod.

There is also now a NoAshes version that doesn't change the urns or add a new ingredient.

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Re: (Relz) Realistic Bonemeall
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2018, 11:10:19 PM »
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