Author Topic: So Question About a Mod I'm working on... (If anyone is around....)  (Read 3375 times)


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So, question, what do you guys think of a mod where you run a across a tavern and inside you meet the owner/barkeep/whatever, and then a scene goes something like this: "Ah you finally arrived, I thought you'd never get here, here is you share of the profits. Now don't leave me hanging again. We planned to run this place together."  So it would basically you meet an old friend who you had planned run a tavern with on Morrowind (before you where arrested), and thus get an income and place to stay, as soon as you run into the place. Which could quite possibly very early in the game.

There are two reasons why I considering doing it this way, the first is I'm making a tavern, I just haven't really decided what to do with it yet. The second thing is that it always kind of bugged me that you never ever meet anyone who knew you, it like you where a total non entity, and didn't exist before that boat ride. So I've always kind of wanted to do a mod where you meet someone who knew you. This seems plausible, I just don't know if this would be a mod that actually something that anyone would use or would it be a bit much too easily obtained?

So thoughts? Or do you have any other ideas to do with a tavern mod, that is more than just a tavern?

On another note, I hoping to get this mod done in time for Modathon. Which, I keep finding myself going circles of being stumped for. Plus, I don't plan on you getting too much from this (running a tavern, especially one not in any town is kind of expensive, even if your friend is doing most of the actual work), probably only about 200 gold a month and a place too stay/storage, which isn't that much (at least from my view on the matter)... And if it I do it this way, I have some ideas, for future updates that you could expand the tavern...
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Re: So Question About a Mod I'm working on... (If anyone is around....)
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Naprawdę chcę wiedzieć W jaki sposób witryna się indeksuje i większość informacji na jej temat wystarczy do wyjaśnienia?