Author Topic: Announcement: ModTown 2015 Deadlines, Progress Videos, and Admin Selection  (Read 3865 times)


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I've been a bit silent of late, mostly due to writer's block and my inability to make progress writing up a detailed main-quest that I can be satisfied with, but its come to my attention that we're going to need to set a direction and a set deadline for ModTown 2015 for the project's completion. So that's what we're going to do today, and you'll find complete details of what our priorities and objectives will be from now on down below, as well as our deadline, or as I should say deadlines, for project completion.

First and foremost, we're closing off all public and modder plot claims starting on July 31st. That'll be about one year after the project went public, so that should be plenty of time for everyone to have completed their plots. This means you'll need to have all of your modder plots and public building claims submitted BY July 31st! Note that this does not include NPCs, dialogue, quests, or dungeon claims, we'll continue to accept those claims after July 31st, but in order to have a solid understanding of what quest and dungeon developments we need to do, we need to have a lock on the modder plots and public buildings first.

Which brings me to our list of priorities:

#1 - Finish off current and in-progress modder plots and public building claims. Any unfinished claims will either be removed by Melchior or replaced with one of the backup interior claims we have on file (currently we have a dozen houses, shops, and taverns on backup that we can use to fill in holes -- this is a last resort though, as ModTown is supposed to be a community project, not a Darkelfguy/Melchior project).

#2 - Design and implement NPC characters with dialogue in ModTown. You'll now find a list of NPC characters that are currently slated to be added into ModTown 2015 with basic personality profiles and brief backgrounds over in the NPC/Dialogue subforum. This initial list consists of the important characters that currently play a role in ModTown's NPC community leadership. Once these are all implemented, we can begin work on implementing a main quest and sidequests that impact the town. Anyone who has any ability with writing or designing quests is encouraged to submit a claim for one of the NPCs and implement them into the game with full or partial dialogue profiles. It shouldn't take very long to develop each NPC, they just need between 400 and 800 words of unique dialogue each ideally, and since we have a list now, they can reference other NPCs in town without leaving obvious dialogue holes.

#3 - Build Dungeons - We have a few dungeons already added in, but a lot of dungeons seem to be connected to modder plots so far. What we really need are some random dungeons around the island itself that we can use as quest locations, so if you have some ideas for a dungeon design, please go ahead and start working on it! Dungeons can be submitted after July 31st, so the deadline isn't as eminent here and there's still time to work of them.

#4 - Design and Submit Quest Design Documents - This is a slightly lower priority at the moment, but we need misc. quest design documents and potential overarching community quests to help fill ModTown with playable content. Ideas for the main quest will also be welcome, we may need to revise the initial main quest document, so any concepts for improving the main quest or ideas for various faction quests that the player can go on will all be taken into consideration.

Now you'll notice I haven't mentioned a second deadline yet, and while obviously the public buildings and modder claims deadline is set in stone, the deadline for everything else is up in the air. At this point, the second deadline is simply whenever ModTown is done, since I can't quite calculate how long it'll take to finish up quests, NPCs, and the remaining dungeons, but I would say that, for now, the soft deadline to have everything finished is the end of September. We'll have to see if that proves effective or not, and there'll be another news update on that front when we get closer to that date.

In the meantime, I recommend everyone who's still working on a plot just focus on getting it finished. There'll be a ModTown progress video this weekend showing off a lot of the progress that you guys have submitted (and if you have anything specific you want shown in the video, you're encouraged to post files below), and we'll have an official channel news video that'll be covering the new deadline as well. If you have any questions about these deadlines or priorities, please post them below.

Now onto the next order of business, I would like to announce that we're now hiring new admins and staff for the forums. As you may have noticed, I'm not around very often, and this is in large part due to the fact that I'm just stretched pretty thin, making videos takes up most of my free time and as such I often have difficulties keeping up with everything. So I'd like to open up new leadership roles here for those interested so we can keep things progressing forward, even when myself and Melchior Dahrk are otherwise occupied. If you're interested in becoming an admin, please post your application below, and keep in mind only long-term members of the modding community of stable disposition will be considered for these positions.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support of ModTown 2015, I hope you'll all bare with me as we try and get this project finished up in the coming months!
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I believe I've already submitted two quest designs (which I should probably re-read and make changes to) somewhere on the forum, and we have another one or two by you, DarkElfGuy, I think? As for the deadline, I can work with that. Regarding administration, how long is long-term? Does this coincide with recognition in the Morrowind modding community?


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Glad to have you back DEG, and the deadline sounds good.
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Awesome to hear from you, DarkElfGuy. We got worried  ;D

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I'd be happy to join you as an admin, DEG.  While I have RL activities, I can definitely commit to getting on every few days, and if I have access to the master files, I could even merge in finished claims as they are submitted.