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Creating an Activator that Summons an NPC


the SASS Man:
So, I have an activator I'm trying to create that summons an NPC when you enter the cell. test it, I've set it up with an Activation script that simply summons the NPC when you touch the object.

My object is called...for now...  "SASS_Slave_Addam"

And the Script is "SASS_Slave_Test_sc"

Here is the script as it stands at the moment:

Spoiler for Hiden: begin SASS_Slave_Test_sc

if ( menumode )

if ( OnActivate == 1 )
   playsound "bonelord roar"
   "SASS_Slave_Addam"->PlaceAtMe "SASS_Slave_BR_f3-4"  1 0 1
   ;1 of them, 0 units away, in back (1) of the item

The script is supposed to create a new instance of a Breton Slave at the site of the activator.  But...when I click it, I get NOTHING.

When I look at the Warnings.tst file after I exit Morrowind, I see this:

"Unable to find referenced object "SASS_Slave_Addam" in script SASS_Slave_Test_sc."

HOW can the script not find the named object, when that object is THE CALLING ACTIVATOR ITSELF?  I took that script from a housemod that has nearly identical activators to summon armor mannequins of various races and genders.  Surely process can be duplicated?  When I took out the calling object name, I got a "Right eval" error.  But I HAD THIS SCRIPT WORKING ONCE BEFORE!  What in the world am I doing wrong?

ANY HELP will probably keep me from trashing this entire concept for a mod.....

What new things have happened to tell me how much development has been made today?

Like so much for content written out very interesting yet.


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