Author Topic: (Role-Play) What are your RP Characters?  (Read 4614 times)


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(Role-Play) What are your RP Characters?
« on: February 25, 2016, 06:20:14 PM »
Anybody interested in sharing their Morrowind Role-Play characters?

I'll share one of mine, I think he's my best.

Born: 3rd Sundas, Morning Star
Born in Vivec, lived in St Olms canton, North 3

S T O R Y : Morrowind
Aloros was raised in Vivec. He lived in the St. Olms Canton in North 3 with his father, mother, and brother. He was raised there until he was 5. His family was fairly rich. His father worked for the Temple in Vivec. That was until he was exiled. He was exiled due to the rumor of him being a deadly Morag Tong Assassin. It seems a Dark Brotherhood assassin plotted the rumor to gain the Morag Tong notoriety. Due to Aloros' father no longer making money for the Ulvanis family, they had to move while Aloros was age 9. They moved to the mainland. To Helnim. They lived in the slums. During this time, the Ulvanis family was going through hard times. But Aloros was very interested in learning and books. He read his fathers old Temple books and scrolls, while his brother was interested in learning magical arts. At age 19, Aloros finally decided to vogage to High Rock.
Aloros took a Riverstrider to Wayrest. He became close friends with the boatswain, Ald'Dren. Along the way they stopped at many docks and ports. At High Rock, Aloros skeet much of his time in the Wayrest Library, one of, if not the biggest libraries in High Rock. He also started to presume learning more about his home province. He studied Dunmer culture (his own) and Velothi architecture and the Tribunal books from his father. At age 20, Aloros decided to stay in High Rock, after having to sleep  in the Inn basement for a year. He made money from doing errands and had a little side job from the innkeeper. At age 23, Aloros decided it was time to return to his family, and meet them again. He took a notorious boatswain nord, and he agreed to take Aloros to Morrowind. They reached the Sea of Ghosts, and the Nord Boatswain, Hornigold Red-sword, persuaded Aloros to stop at the Skyrim city of Windhelm. He then persuaded Aloros once more and said they should just cross the border to Morrowind. It would be easier. After a while, Aloros did agree. But little did he know, was that the 'Nord Boatswain' was actually a very notorious smuggler In Morrowind. They were both caught crossing the border, and sent to jail. To Vvardenfell.
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