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Since it's been announced, I may as well create a thread for this... What did DEG call it? Ah yes, a "monstrosity". Lovely word, and apt.

I'm not ready to show off the interior just yet, but I do have an issue regarding the exterior that I really need some input on from as many people as possible.

My intention was always for my airship to circle the perimeter of the lake, not fly over Mod Town, but, as you can see, no matter where I position my airship, it's probably still going to cast a shadow over the town at some point during the day. But I also like the idea of that being a thing. I can't decide, try as I might, so, I ask everyone here to speak their peace.

Do I shrink it down? Or shall the juggernaut stand as a reminder to future Mod Town builders what happens when you don't have a strong enough sense of scale?

Melchior Dahrk:
That's hard. I like the size, conceptually; but I am trying to think about it aesthetically. As in, when someone is taking a screenshot of ModTown is it too big (if you're standing next to the Town Hall and trying to capture the mountain in the distance, is half of the screen taken up by the airship? I'd personally consider it more of a footnote in the picture rather than the primary subject. As such, I think I'd vote to either shrink it or make it pretty dang high in the air. Plus, if it WAS high in the air, you could get a pretty sweet view of Creatia Island from up there if you can get on the outside.

Thing is, it's hard to stand on it, because it moves. Not fast, but perhaps enough for someone to fall off before they can take that sweet screenshot. Not everyone can afford the distant land settings with that thing, either, but for those who can't, its size and turning radius mean that's not being rendered most of the time, which could be good news for them.

What do you think is very good? And I like that idea.

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