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PSA: Interviews with HeadlessWonder, SkyDye and CowGuru


Today I'm pleased to announce that we're getting our interview series back on track with a number of new confirmed interviews. Now we just need some community submitted questions! If you have any questions for the interviewees listed below, please post them and they'll be included in the final interview!

First up, we have a dual interview with HeadlessWonder and SkyDye, the authors behind Vibrant Morrowind, Vibrant Skies, Vibrant Stars, and the Vibrant Music series. These two are best known for creating fantastic and colorful textures and music to enhance the game of Morrowind, and if you have any questions for them, please submit them by the 20th!

Second, we have an interview with CowGuru, the famed satire and comedy modder behind the epic adventure, Muffinwind, and the quest mod Snakes on a Plane...of Oblivion. From long and epic battles with baked goods, to a Morrowind version of Minesweeper, CowGuru has taken Morrowind modding in a very unique direction, using the platform to promote comedic interactive adventures instead of the standard fare fantasy tropes, and if you have any questions for this modding legend, please submit them by the 24th!

I'd like to thank you all ahead of time for any questions you might submit, Morrowind Modding Interviews is and always will be a community endeavor driven by community participation! :)

You got the fucking Muffinwind guy? Sweeeeeeet.

My questions:

What possessed you to make that mod?

Will you please grace us with your presence on Creatia Island?

What about modding do you dislike?

For CowGuru:

Will you (ever) make more hilarious and needed mods like "Muffinwind" and "Snakes on a Plane...of Oblivion?"


De mogelijkheid om informatie te vinden die is geaccepteerd en een goede optie is.


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