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[Modder Claim] Plot 5 - Hiyro

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After scrolling through some of the topics I found five has not been claimed yet so I would like to claim this plot. I plan to build a Bloodmoon Nordic style house with maybe a small dungeon (my mind is prone to change).

Sounds like a good idea, have fun and happy modding! :)

I'll get pictures up when I can. In the mean time, I have finished my claim. Their is no dungeon but however a small bedroom in the upstairs the player can use. I went with a mead hall type theme.

I went ahead and checked it out, and I gotta say everything looks nice! I do have a minor suggestion, you might want to add path grids in the interior for the NPCs to traverse, but you can also leave it as is and we can add them after the claim is merged with the master file.

Other than that though, it all looks good! :)

If I'm looking at it, it's great.


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