Morrowind Modding Showcases is a channel dedicated to bringing you videos about Morrowind mods, modding, and the Morrowind community. Over the last six months, we’ve launched six regularly scheduled series covering a variety of aspects of modding, and going into the future we look to add even more.

Even after 13 years, the Morrowind Modding Community is still a large and very active modding scene, with new mods being continuously released every week, and we think that’s something to celebrate with proper video footage on YouTube. So if you’re looking for mods to enhance your play-through, whether you’re a new player just getting started or an old timer returning to the modding scene after many years, you’ve come to the right place!

A full schedule and description of our video series can be found below. Keep in mind that I’m only one person doing this, so we may miss our deadline on occasion:

Morrowind Modding Showcases –¬†This is our core series which focuses on covering 13 new mods in every episode. Every other week is a themed episode, with 13 mods that fit into a particular theme (like Telvanni, Ashlander, Naval, etc…). Airs every Saturday.

Morrowind Modding Interviews – In this series we talk to the creators of your favorite mods, asking them questions about the modding process and the mods they’ve worked on. This is entirely voiced, and if you have questions to submit for a particular interviewee, we’ll happily accept them! Airs every Wednesday (pending interviewee schedules).

Morrowind Modding Trailers – Over 22,000 mods have been released for Morrowind over the years, but only a few have ever gotten the trailer treatment. Morrowind Modding Trailers provides scenic, typically not-narrated, videos to hype up a particular mod. ¬†Every other week we show a trailer of Tamriel Rebuilt, the massive modding project that’s been going on for over 13 years straight. Airs every Monday.

Let’s Mod Morrowind – Ever wanted to see a mod get made from start to finish? Now’s your chance, Let’s Mod Morrowind is dedicated to showing how to make a mod from a simple idea into a final release, explaining how to use the various aspects of the Construction Set along the way. Airs every-other Thursday.

Top Ten Morrowind Mods – This series covers the top ten Morrowind mods in a particular sub-category or year, be it castles, necromancy, or the top ten mods of 2014. These are the best mods of a particular category, as determined by Darkelfguy, so keep in mind that he may miss a few things. Airs once a month.

Morrowind Modding Reviews – This is a series dedicated to providing narrated reviews and feedback for a particular mod, giving it a numerical score based on the mod’s content and a number of qualifications (such as mod cleaning). Suggestions for what mods to review are always welcome! Airs on Thursdays in-between Let’s Mod Morrowind.

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