Tamriel Rebuilt – Old Ebonheart Release Trailer

Along the mouth of the Thirr River, close open the coast of the Inner Sea, stands Old Ebonheart, the very heart of Imperial power, ideals and culture in the otherwise alien and foreign eastern province of Morrowind. Here you’ll find a thriving city, one of the largest in the province, where a busy port hosts both ships of trade and patrol vessels from the Imperial Navy, ever keeping a watchful eye for smugglers. Crowded streets play home to a variety of characters, from wealthy merchants and noble guilds, to artisans and craftsmen, as well as the typical dregs and sailors that can be found in any sizable port city. The thick and imposing walls of Old Ebonheart, along with Ebon Tower, a pillar of Imperial might stretching up into the heavens, is an assurance to all Imperial citizens that here, at least, Imperial law is observed and enforced, whatever else may happen in the rest of the province. Even so, danger still lurks in the shadows, and one must always be wary of turning down the wrong alley.

Outside the city’s walls, a traveler will find the lush Aanthirin region, home to both plantations and farms, as well as sparse forests along the Thirr River. Noted for its unique foliage, the Aanthirin region, on both sides of the Thirr River, is home to a number of small towns and settlements, like Dondril and Vhul on the eastern bank, as well as larger temple complexes like Roa Dyr and Almas Thirr further south. Despite the often scenic and idyllic river life of the Aanthirin, this region is the center of a brewing Great House war, rising up on the horizon. Great House Hlaalu has taken the western banks as their own, and they eye the eastern reaches of the Thirr with hungry eyes, where the Indoril still hold power, but for how long is anyone’s guess. Even without political troubles, an adventurer will find a number of Daedric shrines, ancient ruins, and smuggler’s caves throughout the Aanthirin, providing plenty to see and do, as well as plenty of danger.

Tamriel Rebuilt released Old Ebonheart and the eastern Aanthirin on July 31st, and you can play through this region today, including dozens of new quests and dungeons, and tons of new things to see and explore.

You can download the latest release of Tamriel Rebuilt from the Nexus here
Requires Tamriel Data

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