Oblivion Mod of the Month – January 2018

Today for the Oblivion Mod of the Month, we’re taking a look at some of the best mods of January 2018, including scenic overhauls and a surprising number of housing-related mods. January was a fairly quiet month for the Oblivion modding community, but there’s still some rather interesting mods in today’s lineup for you to check out!

Our mod of the month for January 2018 is The Imperial Real Estate By Lametrie,a fairly massive and vanilla-friendly housing mod that makes it possible to now purchase the homes of more than 37 NPCs after they’ve been killed or run-away or disappeared during the course of one questline or another, and these homes are located all across Cyrodiil, and they’ve had ownership properties removed and safe-containers added in. All of this makes The Imperial Real Estate a lore-friendly and extensive housing mod, and that also makes it our Mod of the Month for January 2018.

Second choice for mod of the month is Frostcrag Castle By Ray75228, a rather beautiful overhaul of the famed Frostcrag Spire along the mountainous border between Cyrodiil and Skyrim, turning this class wizard’s tower into a proper castle, complete with scenic gardens, waterfalls, and statues, and it’s really just an incredibly nice-looking exterior overhaul, though it only changes the outside of the tower, the interior has been left completely the same. Still, it’s a beautiful and scenic mod, and that makes it a worthwhile second pick for the mod of the month.

Finally, our third choice for the mod of the month is Imperial Palace Improvement By Marob307, and this is a bit of an immersion overhaul for the Imperial Palace, adding some much needed rooms, like a kitchen and throne room, as well as adding some 35 new NPCs, including other councilors outside of just High Councilor Ocato, who have regular schedules with council sessions and other bits of business to attend to. This mod really fleshes out the Imperial Palace a lot more and makes it a more bustling place, and for that it deserves our third pick for the mod of the month.

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