Oblivion Modding Showcases – Episode 7

Sort of getting this series on a regular schedule for once, today we have our 7th episode of Oblivion Modding Showcases, featuring another 10 randomly themed mods for your viewing pleasure, including quite a variety of mods spanning from besieging bandit castles to prolonged battles along the roadways of Cyrodiil, scenic new homes, and dark and atmospheric dungeons. There’s all of this and much more for you to check out in the latest episode of Oblivion Modding Showcases, and of course all of the featured mods can be found down below.

Complete List of Mods and Download Links:

  1. Popular Mod of the Week – Bruma Retexture By Lougian
  2. House Mod of the Week – New Lindai By Asmodina
  3. Gameplay Mod of the Week – Blankets of Cyrodiil By T3alrose and Claustromaniac
  4. Dungeon Mod of the Week – Forgotten Tomb By Eddwills
  5. Items Mod of the Week – Somewhat Realistic Swords By Vodkamaniac and Lazarus89
  6. Quests Mod of the Week – Bounty Quests Fixed and Polished By WalkerInShadows and GamerRick
  7. Landmass Mod of the Week – Handrest Isle By Montybrad
  8. NPC Mod of the Week – Crowded Roads Advanced By Shakh
  9. New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – A Better Chest By Quoter1
  10. Underrated Mod of the Week – MsF Elven Gardens Cafe By MsFrankenstein

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