Morrowind Mod of the Month – January 2018

This week for the Morrowind Mod of the Month, we’re taking a look at the best mods of January 2018, and to say the least, January was a pretty big month for the community. Over 50 new mods were released in January, including a large plethora of graphical replacers, and today we’ll be taking a look at the three top mods as picked by popular vote in our online poll. There’s definitely some pretty impressive mods here to check out, but don’t forget to cast your votes now for the best mods of February 2018!

The Mods of the Month:

  1. The Mod of the Month – Enhanced Water Shader for MGE XE By Krokantor
  2. Second Pick – Better Waterfalls By Melchior Dahrk
  3. Third Pick – Blim-Dim–Collector of Cups By ThatDwemerGuy

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