Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode 67

Today we have episode 67 of Morrowind Modding Showcases, featuring yet another 13 randomly themed mods for your viewing pleasure, including some truly lovely new player homes, scenic graphical replacers and town overhauls, new quests and dungeons to raid, and modding legends as well as relatively obscure mods. There’s all of this, and much more, in today’s 67th episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases!

Order of Mods and Download Links:

  1. Popular Mod of the Week – Hlaalu Retexture Version 2.5 By Lougian
  2. House Mod of the Week – Balmora Cave Dwelling – MW Rebirth Compatible By Ash Poet
  3. Gameplay Mod of the Week – Personal Effects By R-Zero
  4. Dungeon Mod of the Week – Falas Ancestral Tomb Expanded By Remiros aka Flash3113
  5. Items Mod of the Week – Alabaster Potion Replacer By RubberMan
  6. Quests Mod of the Week – Bloodwind By MattTheBagel
  7. Landmass Mod of the Week – Northern Island By John Kahler aka JMK
  8. NPC Mod of the Week – War Kagouti Companion – Mausi By Melchior Dahrk
  9. New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – HQ Bug Shells By Zobator
  10. Modder’s Resource Mod of the Week – Enclavekiller’s Resources By EnclaveKiller
  11. Underrated Mod of the Week – The Brew Master By Merlord
  12. Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Asgard By Grumpy
  13. Bonus Mod of the Week – Swamp Shack By Ennet Winterhoof

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