Morrowind ModTown 2015 – The Official 2016 Trailer

Morrowind ModTown 2015, a project for the community, by the community, celebrating the amazing modding community that we have here for Morrowind! The first ModTown in nearly a decade, ModTown 2015 aims to bring everyone together, modders and non-modders alike, to build a monument to our wonderful Morrowind Modding Community that’ll stand the test of time and celebrate the amazing things we can accomplish when we all work to build one massive mod!

ModTown 2015 aims to provide a unique and creative experience for all involved, with dozens of quests, dungeons, and exciting new activities for the player to do! And you don’t need to be a modder to help out! All you need to do is come up with ideas, provide creative writing, or generate discussion! There’s plenty for everyone to get involved and make ModTown 2015 a reality!

From massive epic sized dungeons, to Dwemer airships that ply the skies, ModTown 2015 is all about the creative accomplishments that modders can make, and there are no limits to what you can do, whether you build a floating tower, or construct dungeons made out of bones, or create an island of fire and ice, all are welcome in ModTown 2015! Embrace the madness, join us in unleashing one of the most creative and insane modding projects to be made for Morrowind!

You can learn more about this project, and how to help out, at our forums, and you can check out ourscreenshot gallery for progress on the project! Want to play the current build of ModTown? You’ll find the current version available here (but needless to say it’s incomplete).

The music in this video is “Lord of Dance 04” By Johannes Bornlof, and you can download it fromĀ Epidemic Sound.

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