Morrowind Mod of the Month – October 2015

Today we have the sixth episode of our Mod of the Month series, late as always, but still celebrating the best mods from October 2015. The idea behind this series is to release a video every month honoring the best mods released in that particular month, as decided by popular vote and also in part by my own personal decisions.

You can vote for the Mod of the Month for November here.

Our mod of the month for October 2015 is Vegtabill’s Threads of the Webspinner by Vegtabill, a simple yet extremely useful mod that adds in hints regarding the various Sanguine items in Morrowind that you must find for the Morag Tong faction questline, but Vegtabill has done this in such a way that the hints blend in almost perfectly with vanilla Morrowind content and feel like a natural extension of the game rather than an intrusive mod.

Second choice for mod of the month is Tympany by Illuminiel, a very unique and well crafted mod that does something that, quite possibly, has never been done before in Morrowind, adding in new gameplay elements, a new stylish intro movie, and some very curious comedic pieces to your playing experience in the land of the Dunmer. You’ll also get to continue Jiub’s story as a part of this mod, and take advantage of a pacifist style play-through.

Finally, our third choice for mod of the month is WonderWind by King Moyer (aka TrulyOriginalArtCom), a massive underground dungeon complex composed of multiple large-scale caverns that could practically be considered a landmass onto itself. From frozen Daedric ruins to massive glaciers, deadly dungeons, and ice-hewn towns deep below the surface of Solstheim, you’ll find quite a lot of cool stuff to see in the mystical lands of WonderWind.

The music in this video is from Morrowind Music Overdose by Jon Babb.

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