Morrowind Top 10 Quest Mods

As requested, for our third episode of Top Ten Morrowind Mods, we’re looking at the top ten quest mods made for Morrowind. Many of these will be familiar to you if you’ve watched Morrowind Modding Showcases, and it must be stressed that the orderings of these mods really doesn’t matter that much, they’re all great mods that are worth playing. You’ll also notice that a lot of quest mods are missing from this list. Due to Morrowind’s over 1200 quest mods, it was impossible to cover every great quest mod in a single top ten list, so we’ll actually be releasing a second episode with a top ten small quest mods to sort of supplement these larger epic quest mods that we’ve included here. But in any event, do feel free to share your own favorite quest mods in the comments down below!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
#10 Scourge of the Lich Father ActI&II By Dan T.
#9 Suran Underworld By Matthew
#8 Apostates to Oblivion: Beyond the Realms of Death By Atropos
#7 The Illuminated Order By Charles J. DeVito
#6 The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain By Emma and TeuTonic
#5 The Black Mill By Bilbo Willowtree
Patch and TR Compatibility
#4 Uvirith’s Legacy By Stuporstar
#3 Rise of House Telvanni By Pozzo, Karpik777 and Bhl
#2 The Underground By Qarl
#1 Lothavor’s Legacy By Erstam
Honorable Mention #1: The Sable Dragon By Pluto
Honorable Mention #2: Trade Disputes By Dalin

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