Dramatic Vivec – Dawn of the Cantons Trailer

Vivec, the city of a Poet God, home to political power for the elite and religious devotion for the masses. This, the largest and grandest city on Vvardenfell, has always been spartan and empty, with cantons lacking decoration and distinction. Hardly the appearance of a bustling city of commercial, political and religious importance that Vivec claims to be.

But with Dramatic Vivec, you can finally see this city of cantons, this capital of temples, as it should have been. Bustling markets, ornate shrines, and gardens dedicated to the faith. This is Vivec as it should be, full of life, devotion and commerce, with beautiful sights to see as is only worthy a city that plays home to a God.

You can download Dramatic Vivec by TheInkBunny today from the Nexus.

Also seen in this trailer is MikeandIke’s Vivec and Velothi Retexture, and Spirithawke’s Prison Moon Enhanced II, both are highly recommended to be played with Dramatic Vivec!

The music in this trailer is “Legendary Walk 1” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

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