Morrowind Mod of the Month – June 2015

Today we’re unveiling the second episode of our Mod of the Month series, over a month late, but celebrating the best mod from June 2015. The idea behind this series is to release a video every month honoring the best mods released in that particular month, and in the future, this will be decided entirely by popular vote.

You can vote for the Mod of the Month for July here.

Our mod of the month for June 2015 is Blades Safe House by Lythoc. A technically impressive house mod, Blades Safe House takes a building that previously had no purpose and provides it with a new function, as the secret entrance to your new lair, home to a variety of creative contraptions, from an elevator to a massive library with a unique book sorter, and a display hall for armor where each armor piece will dance out of your inventory and magically fly into place on a nearby mannequin. Providing all of the typical house mod staples, such as display and storage space, a teleport spell, and a handful of other services, Blades Safe House stands out with its armor and book sorters as something entirely unique and definitely worth checking out.

The music in this video is “A Young Mind” by Jon Babb.

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