Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode 50

Today we’re celebrating the two-year anniversary of Morrowind Modding Showcases with the 50th episode of MMS! We have a special Solstheim, Winter, and Nordic themed episode for you all today with 13 mods for your viewing pleasure! Explore massive new landmasses, investigate mysterious disappearances, check out a number of themed house mods, and raid new Dwemer ruins in this, the 50th episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
Popular Mod of the Week – Ice’s Hidaway & Buster By CanadianIce
House Mod of the Week – Christmas Manor By Xeth-Ban
Gameplay Mod of the Week – Interiors of Solstheim By KalianMods
Dungeon Mod of the Week – Fourth Era Solstheim By Eldermaster28
Items Mod of the Week – TG’s Nord Ceremonial Armor By The General
Quests Mod of the Week – Great Shoals By Aaron Falis
Landmass Mod of the Week – Five Keys of Azura By Dave Foster
NPC Mod of the Week – Nords Redone By MacKom
New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul By Slartibartfast
Modder’s Resource Mod of the Week – Nchardamz, Skyrim Style Ruins By RubberMan
Underrated Mod of the Week – Solstheim Mage Tower By Dr No
Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Steinthor Hall By Korana
Bonus Mod of the Week – WoodenFort-RavenRock By Demosthenes

Special thanks to all of the modders who contributed to this video, Melchior Dahrk for all of the wonderful graphics, and the entire Morrowind Modding Community for continuing ever onward and supporting Morrowind through all these long years!

Morrowind Modding Manors – Episode 5

Today we have the fifth episode of Morrowind Modding Manors, a new series dedicated to looking at three Morrowind house mods every other week. Now I know, we cover a lot of house mods already as part of Morrowind Modding Showcases, but there’s a lot of house mods for Morrowind, and a lot of them just don’t get covered by MMS, partly because of how we have the show formatted, and partly because more house mods are released each month than episode of MMS, so we’re never going to catch up. Instead, Morrowind Modding Manors gives us an opportunity to cover a wider variety of house mods, some of which have been overlooked and underrated, and some of which used to be quite popular but are no longer in the public eye quite so much.

For our fifth episode, we’re looking at three random manors and manses around Vvardenfell, including the relatively underrated and unknown Abandoned Estate by Templar_Psi, as well as the classic and quaint Heather Cottage By Shezrie, and our third housing mod is Villa Fortuna By TextureFreak, a uniquely themed manor that sits upon the shores opposite Suran.

The music in this episode is from Job Babb’s Morrowind Music Overdose, Epidemic Sound, and Doctor Eternal’s Total Music Conversion.

Morrowind Modding Trailers – Isles of Dulsya Trailer

Today for Morrowind Modding Trailers, we’re taking a look at one of Morrowind’s classic landmass mods, Dulsya Isle by Nick “Iridox” Johnson. One of the first major landmass mods for Morrowind, Dulsya Isle adds a seamless new island for you to explore that blends in perfectly with vanilla Morrowind content, with two new towns to visit, dozens of new quests, and several dungeons to fight through. You even get to take charge and build a new settlement for yourself, including a new home to live in, as well as go on several new adventures, fight bandits, defeat undead enemies, and much more in this old-time classic.

Oblivion House Mod Hunters – Episode Ten

Today for Oblivion House Mod Hunters, we’re taking a look at three mage-themed housing mods with lots of magical features that should prove ideal for any wizard, warlock or sorcerer! Study the arts atop your flying fortress as you grow your magical powers, hide away in an eccentric cottage buried in your scrolls, or partner up with a High-Elf roommate in your own small manse along the Niben! There’s all of this and more in the tenth episode of Oblivion House Mod Hunters!

Mod Download Links:

Popular House Mod of the Week – Mage’s Sky House By TeR (Blary)

New House Mod of the Week – Mage’s Rest By NellSpeed and RowanLeeves

Underrated House Mod of the Week – The Mage’s House By Rad666a

Tamriel Rebuilt – Thirr River Valley Trailer

The Thirr River Valley is a lush and prosperous region that cuts right down the center of the Morrowind mainland, dividing the west from the east. Fertile plains and beautiful forests surround the deep and powerful Thirr River that cuts through the heart of Morrowind. One of the more populous regions of the mainland, the Thirr River Valley is divided between Great House Hlaalu and Great House Indoril, with the valiant Imperial fortress city of Old Ebonheart standing guard at the entrance. Along the western banks you’ll find numerous Hlaalu farms, villages, and plantations, including the wealthy Oran and Mundrethi plantations, as well as the small Hlaalu village of Indal-Ruhn. On the eastern side you’ll find the Indoril, clustered in their primary cities of power in the region, Roa Dyr and Almas Thirr, the Indoril fortress city. Small hamlets and Velothi villages also scatter the region, such as the industrious Velothi town of Vhul, and the farmer hamlet of Dondril. This area is well-settled, but still home to many shrines, ruins, and the occasional band of smugglers as they try and make their way past Imperial patrols into the heart of Morrowind. A region of such fertility and wealth isn’t without conflict, however, and the two Great Houses that inhabit this region would like nothing more than to solidify their power.

Tamriel Rebuilt released the Thirr River Valley as a part of the Tamriel Rebuilt Alpha, and updated the region with a new release in October of 2015. The Thirr River Valley Region is mostly complete exterior-wise, with some NPCs already in place and interiors currently being added to the major cities such as Old Ebonheart. If you want to help out with this massive project and contribute to one of the oldest continuously worked on mod projects in Morrowind’s history, why not head over to their website and join the team today?

You can download Tamriel Rebuilt’s latest release here, and visit their YouTube Channel here.

The music in this trailer is “Crusaders 3” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

Morrowind Modathon – The Mod of the Month Awards 2016

Our second annual Morrowind May Modathon Month modding competition, celebrating Morrowind’s 14th anniversary, has officially come to an end, and what a competition it was! We doubled the number of mods released for the competition from last year, with 29 mods submitted in total by 21 different modders, adding new towns, gameplay features, quests, dungeons, and much more to this fantastic game! Without a doubt this was a very successful modding competition, in fact it’s one of the most successful modding competition in Elder Scrolls modding history, which really just goes to show how active the Morrowind modding community really is!

Of course, as with any modding competition, we do have a few winning mods today that were picked by you guys in our popular vote to win the Mod of the Month award! Ultimately, Bal Isra Rising By Dagoth Agahnim came in first for the Mod of the Month award, with Scamp Replacer by PeterBitt and Pherim coming in second and Belial – A Dismal Daedric Companion coming in third. All three are good mods, and there were several other great mods released as part of the Modathon, and you can find a link to a breakdown (with download links) for all mods released as part of the competition here.

The music in this video is from the Morrowind Music Overdose collection by Jon Babb, Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal, with additional music by Epidemic Sound.

Thank you all so much for another successful and stunning competition, here’s to another year of Morrowind, and I hope to see you all for the 3rd Annual Morrowind Modathon next year!