Dramatic Vivec – Dawn of the Cantons Trailer

Vivec, the city of a Poet God, home to political power for the elite and religious devotion for the masses. This, the largest and grandest city on Vvardenfell, has always been spartan and empty, with cantons lacking decoration and distinction. Hardly the appearance of a bustling city of commercial, political and religious importance that Vivec claims to be.

But with Dramatic Vivec, you can finally see this city of cantons, this capital of temples, as it should have been. Bustling markets, ornate shrines, and gardens dedicated to the faith. This is Vivec as it should be, full of life, devotion and commerce, with beautiful sights to see as is only worthy a city that plays home to a God.

You can download Dramatic Vivec by TheInkBunny today from the Nexus.

Also seen in this trailer is MikeandIke’s Vivec and Velothi Retexture, and Spirithawke’s Prison Moon Enhanced II, both are highly recommended to be played with Dramatic Vivec!

The music in this trailer is “Legendary Walk 1” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

Morrowind Mod of the Month – June 2015

Today we’re unveiling the second episode of our Mod of the Month series, over a month late, but celebrating the best mod from June 2015. The idea behind this series is to release a video every month honoring the best mods released in that particular month, and in the future, this will be decided entirely by popular vote.

You can vote for the Mod of the Month for July here.

Our mod of the month for June 2015 is Blades Safe House by Lythoc. A technically impressive house mod, Blades Safe House takes a building that previously had no purpose and provides it with a new function, as the secret entrance to your new lair, home to a variety of creative contraptions, from an elevator to a massive library with a unique book sorter, and a display hall for armor where each armor piece will dance out of your inventory and magically fly into place on a nearby mannequin. Providing all of the typical house mod staples, such as display and storage space, a teleport spell, and a handful of other services, Blades Safe House stands out with its armor and book sorters as something entirely unique and definitely worth checking out.

The music in this video is “A Young Mind” by Jon Babb.

Morrowind Modding Interviews – Danjb

We’re finally back from hiatus with the 18th episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews! Today we’re talking with Danjb, the author of a number of very unique mods like The Lucky Pick, Advanced Persuasion, Morrowind Achievements, and many other mods. During this interview, we discuss where Danjb gets his ideas and inspirations for mods from, the importance of gameplay mods and lore accuracy in modding, and a number of other modding topics!

A full list of mods that Danjb has released are included below:

Morrowind Mods:
Advanced Persuasion
Adventure’s End
Boots of Infernal Chaos
The Lucky Pick
Coloured Cloths
Draggle-Tail Torches
Morrowind Achievements
Deadly Dagoths
Moon Sugar Plantation
Note to Hrisskar
Thieves’ Guild Stash
Unique Items
The Magic Rings
Infernal Atronachs
Guards Search
Find Shelter
Striking Staves
Moonmoth Observatory
Creeper’s Quest
Town Criers
Muck Harvest
Pants to Trousers
Standard Bearers
Potion Bottles
Fake Gold
Trouble at Sea
Private Stash
The Mortal Life of Vivec (Lite)

Tamriel Rebuilt – Fields of Helnim Trailer

The Fields of Helnim, a landscape of gently rolling hills and plains in eastern Morrowind, are a welcome reprieve for the weary traveler. Occupying a small stretch of land between the Boethian and Mephalain Mountain ranges, the Fields of Helnim are one of the more populated regions of eastern Morrowind, with a landscape settled by peaceful farms and plantations, with larger towns and cities dotting the coastline.

A predominately Telvanni controlled territory, the Fields of Helnim are named after the Imperial city of Helnim, the largest town in the region. It’s here in Helnim where one sees the rare mix of Imperial and Telvanni architecture side-by-side, as the city is composed of a number of districts, the Imperial districts with their stink of decay and poverty on one side, and the more affluent Telvanni districts on the other. Outside of this principal city though, there are a number of other Telvanni settlements, such as the port town of Marog that hangs from the cliffsides across the bay from Helnim, and the crossroads city of Tel Muthada, a town of towering heights in the middle of the relatively flat Fields of Helnim.

While this region offers the famous ruins of Kemel-Ze for the enterprising tourist, there’s few if any other major ruins to be found in this small oasis between the Boethian and Mephalain peaks, but it is far from a peaceful land. The weary traveler must be wary of the ever constant threat of bandits, rogues, and marauders that prey on the roadsides, ever eager to pick off easy targets.

Tamriel Rebuilt released the Fields of Helnim region as a part of Map 2 and included in the latest update back in August of 2014. This region is already pretty much completed, with interiors, dungeons, NPCs, and even quests in place. Still, if you want to help out with this massive project and contribute to one of the oldest continuously worked on mod projects in Morrowind’s history, why not head over to their website and join the team today?

You can download Tamriel Rebuilt’s latest release here, and visit their YouTube Channel here.

The music in this trailer is “Natures Wonders 2” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

Oblivion Modding Interviews – Zaldir

Today we’re unveiling the first episode of Oblivion Modding Interviews, a new series where we’ll be interviewing modders from around the community!

In our very first interview, we’re talking with Zaldir, the Project Lead behind Kvatch Rebuilt, and the author of a number of other popular mods such as Viking Village, Creature Diversity, and Populated Prisons. Zaldir is also one of the level designers at Druid Gameworks, where he works alongside many other Elder Scrolls modders on the episodic game Witanlore: Dreamtime. During this interview, we talk about a number of Zaldir’s mods, his work at Druid Gameworks and the similarities between modding and game development, collaborating with fellow modders, and a number of other modding topics.

Our goal with this new series is to release a new interview every Sunday, you can check out our website and our thread at the Bethesda Forums for a full list of planned future interviews.

A full list of mods that Zaldir has released are included below:

  1. Zaldir’s Website
  2. Druid Gameworks Official Website
  3. Druid Gameworks on YouTube

Zaldir’s Oblivion Mods:

  1. Kvatch Rebuilt
  2. Creature Diversity
  3. Populated Prisons
  4. Viking Village
  5. Gold Horse Courier – Delivery Job
  6. The Isle of Stroti
  7. Reclaiming the Nexus
  8. Benirus Manor Remade

Zaldir’s Morrowind Mods:

  1. More Detailed Places 2013

Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode 37

Today with Episode 37 of Morrowind Modding Showcases, we’re marking the one year anniversary of MMS on YouTube! In the last year, we’ve made over 100 videos, showcased over 500 mods, and started new competitions and events for the community! Thank you all for your support over the last year, and hopefully with any luck we’ll be able to keep going well into Year 2!

Naturally we also have another 13 mods for your viewing pleasure, from scenic airships that dot the skies, to frozen villages and eccentric foreign lands, you’ll get to see it all in this, the 37th episode of MMS!

Order of Mods and Download Links:

Note: You can find every mod ever covered on MMS on Abot’s Mod List

Popular Mod of the Week – Landscape Retexture By Lougian
House Mod of the Week – Blades Safe House By Lythoc
Gameplay Mod of the Week – Airship By Xan
Town Mod of the Week – The Cave of Woe By Zdim
Items Mod of the Week – Sheoth Weapons By Melchior Dahrk and Jojjo
Quests Mod of the Week – Trouble at Sea By Danjb
Landmass Mod of the Week – Strange Grove By John Kahler (JMK)
NPC Mod of the Week – Cait’s Critters Unleashed By HogHead the Horrible
New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Velothi – Arkitektora of Vvardenfell By Tyddy
Modder’s Resource Mod of the Week – The Wanderer’s Modpack 03 By The Wanderer
Underrated Mod of the Week – Mage’s Guild Quarters By Vals_Fan
Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Icatos By Ivza
Bonus Mod of the Week – The Road to Mournhold By HangHimHigher