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Top Ten Morrowind Mods is a selection of mods by me (Darkelfguy) that represent what I consider to be the best mods in a particular sub-category or year, like castle mods or mods released in 2014.

Top Ten Morrowind Mods of 2017

Today we’re taking a look at the top ten best Morrowind mods of 2017, and make no mistake, 2017 was a fantastic year for the Morrowind Modding Community, with over 600 new mods released, massive new provinces to explore, dozens of new dungeons to fight through, hundreds of quests to go on, and so much more, including the first ever fully functional and playable Morrowind Multiplayer release with TES3MP, finally fulfilling the lifelong dream of a truly multiplayer Elder Scrolls experience. Not only was 2017 a fantastic year for the community, but it was one of the best years on record for Morrowind mods, with more exciting mods than any year in the past decade! The future for Morrowind modding looks very bright indeed, and 2018 can only bring greater and better things! Long live Morrowind and the Modding Community!

  1. TES3MP – Morrowind Multiplayer By the TES3MP Team
  2. Skyrim – Home of the Nords: The Reach By the SHOTN Team
  3. Province: Cyrodiil’s Island of Stirk By the Province: Cyrodiil Team
  4. City of Balmora By Praedator and EnvyDeveloper
  5. Darknut’s World Textures By Darknut
  6. Expedition to Mzelthuand By Team Dreamy Dremora (TheDrunkenMudcrab, Melchior Dahrk, Greatness7)
  7. Dwemer Rebirth Project By RubberMan
  8. Discoveries & Adventures By John Kahler aka JMK
  9. HD Vanilla Textures By G The Generous
  10. Caldera Mine Expanded By Team Dreamy Dremora (TheDrunkenMudcrab, Melchior Dahrk, Greatness7)
  11. Jsp’s Mines and Caverns By Jsp25
  12. Bloodwind By MatthewTheBagel
  13. Immersive Madness By Rot

Top Ten Morrowind Mods of 2016

Today we have a list of the top ten best Morrowind mods of 2016! This last year has been an amazing and exciting year for the Morrowind Modding Communtiy, with over 600 new mods released, more than 2015 or 2014, including massive new expansion-sized landmass and quest mods, beautiful graphic replacers, and superb adventures to go on. Even though Morrowind is now over 14 years old, the community shows no signs of slowing down, and today we’re honoring the best Morrowind mods released for Morrowind over the last year! A special thanks to everyone in the community, and here’s to another amazing year of Morrowind mods!

My Top Ten List:
10) Full Dwemer Retexture By Tyddy
9) Kilcunda’s Balmora By Kilcunda
8) Sky Diversity By Svengineer99
7) The Lamp By MauiEyes
6) The Symphony By HedgeHog12 and the Symphony Team
5) Normal Mapped Texture Replacers By Lysol and Flash3113 (Vivec Normal Mapped, Hlaalu Normal Mapped, Imperial Towns Normal Mapped, and Imperial Forts Normal Mapped)
4) MacKom’s Khajiit By MacKom
3) Scamp Replacer and Soulgem Replacer By PeterBitt and Pherim
2) A Bard’s Life By Danae
1) The Doors of Oblivion By Ashstaar aka Dun-Ra
Honorable Mention #1 – The Wabbajack By Team Wretched Netch aka Greatness7, MatthewTheBagel, and VvardenfellTribez
Honorable Mention #2 – Belial – A Dismal Daedric Companion By HangHimHigher

2016 was a great year for Morrowind modding, and special thanks goes to each and every modder out there, whether included on this list or no, for helping to keep this great game alive!

Top Ten Morrowind Mods of 2015

Since it’s that time of year again when everyone begins ranking their favorite things from the past year, I thought I’d join in with a Top Ten Morrowind Mods of 2015 list. Now, to state the obvious this is my personal top ten list of mods from 2015, and these are based solely on mods I’ve actually played and enjoyed, so your favorite mods from 2015 may be completely different from mine, since there were nearly 500 mods released in the last year and I couldn’t possibly play them all.

But in any event, do feel free to share your own top ten list of Morrowind mods from 2015, and let me know how much you agree/disagree with the mod selections included in this video.

My Top Ten List:
10) WonderWind By King Moyer (TrulyOriginalArtCom)
9) Blades Safe House By Lythoc
8) Nix-Hound and Cliffracer Replacers By PeterBitt and Pherim
7) Epic Dagon Fel and Dagon Fel Updated By HedgeHog12 and MikeandIke
6) Tel Morgana By Ferian
5) Magic Diversity By Arkann
4) Love in the Time of Daedra By HangHimHigher
3) Wey’s Argonians By Wey
2) Dramatic Vivec By TheInkBunny
1) Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles By Melchior Dahrk
Honorable Mention #1 – Deepscorn By Istreddify
Honorable Mention #2 – RR Mod Series – Holamayan Monastery Replacer By Colt17 (Resdayn Revival Team)
Honorable Mention #3 – Dunmer Nobles Overhaul By Ivolga (Aoimevelho)

2015 was a great year for Morrowind modding, and special thanks goes to each and every modder out there, whether included on this list or no, for helping to keep this great game alive!

Note: You can find every mod ever covered by MMS on Abot’s Mod List

The music in this video is from Morrowind and Oblivion Music Overdose by Jon Babb and Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal.

Morrowind Top 10 Quest Mods

As requested, for our third episode of Top Ten Morrowind Mods, we’re looking at the top ten quest mods made for Morrowind. Many of these will be familiar to you if you’ve watched Morrowind Modding Showcases, and it must be stressed that the orderings of these mods really doesn’t matter that much, they’re all great mods that are worth playing. You’ll also notice that a lot of quest mods are missing from this list. Due to Morrowind’s over 1200 quest mods, it was impossible to cover every great quest mod in a single top ten list, so we’ll actually be releasing a second episode with a top ten small quest mods to sort of supplement these larger epic quest mods that we’ve included here. But in any event, do feel free to share your own favorite quest mods in the comments down below!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
#10 Scourge of the Lich Father ActI&II By Dan T.
#9 Suran Underworld By Matthew
#8 Apostates to Oblivion: Beyond the Realms of Death By Atropos
#7 The Illuminated Order By Charles J. DeVito
#6 The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain By Emma and TeuTonic
#5 The Black Mill By Bilbo Willowtree
Patch and TR Compatibility
#4 Uvirith’s Legacy By Stuporstar
#3 Rise of House Telvanni By Pozzo, Karpik777 and Bhl
#2 The Underground By Qarl
#1 Lothavor’s Legacy By Erstam
Honorable Mention #1: The Sable Dragon By Pluto
Honorable Mention #2: Trade Disputes By Dalin