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Let’s Mod Morrowind is a show dedicated to recording the process of creating mods for Morrowind from start to finish.

Let’s Mod Morrowind Episode 2 – Making a Quest Mod

For our second episode, we’re making a quest mod using the house mod from episode one as a base (sort of), since a lot of you mentioned in the comments that you’d like to see a quest mod. During this episode we create a new exterior and interior, and explain NPC creation, Dialogue, Quest Design and Scripting to some extent.

I’ve included the full rough draft quest design document, complete with notes and explanations, as a download for you guys to check out, so you can hopefully get a good idea of how to design and write quests.

It should be mentioned that our little quest mod is going to take several weeks to finish, and in total will be continued over the next six-seven episodes, including a final episode covering what all you should do to advertise and promote your mod after release.

Next time on Let’s Mod Morrowind, we’ll be doing more quests but also dungeon design. We’re going to be doing a smuggler cave to start out with, but we can combine multiple tilesets together, so let me know what additional dungeon features you’d like. For example, we could include Daedric, Dwemer, Velothi or even Imperial Fort architecture in our smuggler cave.