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Modder’s Kickstarter Corner – Abacus

Greetings and welcome to the first episode of the Modder’s Kickstarter Corner, a series dedicated to looking at and supporting modder projects outside the realm of modding itself, such as game design and development, novel writing, and other projects of that nature. Morrowind Modding Showcases as a channel has been dedicated since Day 1 to the promotion and support of mods, modding, and modders, and really this is just a continuation of that, since modders are often very creative people, it comes as no surprise that they often have creative projects outside of modding, and I want to use the channel to help support those projects and those modders and help them realize their dreams.

In this first episode, we’re looking at Danjb’s Kickstarter for a new 2d action platformer PC game called Abacus, a game already fairly along in the development which just needs that final push towards release. With a wide array of features, such as multiplayer support, deathmatch, co-op, story mode, and a ton of cool retro-style music tracks, there’s plenty of reasons to go ahead and throw a few pounds or dollars toward the project and help make sure it sees a release!

You can check out Abacus today on Kickstarter here

And you can see some of Danjb’s videos for the game here

Thanks for watching, and if you’re a modder with a project you need help promoting, please do let me know, the resources and tools of this channel are here to support modders with all of their amazing creations!