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Oblivion Modding Interviews – Alenet

For our third episode of Oblivion Modding Interviews, we’re talking with Alenet, the author of the popular Oblivion Reloaded mod, along with a number of other graphics mods that help update and modernize Oblivion. During this interview, we discuss the development history of Oblivion Reloaded,  Alenet’s modding inspirations, and what new features might be included with Oblivion Reloaded going into the future.

A complete transcription of this interview can be found here.

A full list of mods that Alenet has released are included below:
Alenet’s GitHub

Alenet’s Oblivion Mods:
Oblivion Reloaded
Memory Purger
Enhanced Grass
Improved Water
Camera Commands
Extended Map
SMAA Injector – Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing
External Camera
Neck Seam Fixer
Swimming Equipment
Horse Jump Fixer
Magic Jump
Death Overhaul

The music in this video is from Oblivion Music Overdose by Jon Babb and Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal.

Oblivion Modding Interviews – ShadeMe

After much delay, I’m pleased to finally present our second episode of Oblivion Modding Interviews! This time around we’re talking with shadeMe, the author behind the Construction Set Extender, Blockhead, and many other utilities for Oblivion, as well as popular gameplay mods like the dynamic shadows mod shadeMe and the famed slapper mod Put it in it’s Place – Enhanced Grabbing. During this interview we discuss a number of shadeMe’s mods, as well as the state of the community and shadeMe’s impending retirement to the lovely lands of Resdayn (aka Morrowind).

A full list of mods that shadeMe has released are included below:
shadeMe’s YouTube Channel

shadeMe’s Oblivion Mods:
Construction Set Extender
Put it in it’s Place – Enhanced Grabbing
Ashes to Ashes
Oblivion Resource Sorter
Natural Selection – Loading Screens

shadeMe also contributed to the Oblivion Graphics Extender

shadeMe’s Skyrim Mods:
Fuz Ro D-oh – Silent Voice
Smart Souls

Oblivion Modding Interviews – Zaldir

Today we’re unveiling the first episode of Oblivion Modding Interviews, a new series where we’ll be interviewing modders from around the community!

In our very first interview, we’re talking with Zaldir, the Project Lead behind Kvatch Rebuilt, and the author of a number of other popular mods such as Viking Village, Creature Diversity, and Populated Prisons. Zaldir is also one of the level designers at Druid Gameworks, where he works alongside many other Elder Scrolls modders on the episodic game Witanlore: Dreamtime. During this interview, we talk about a number of Zaldir’s mods, his work at Druid Gameworks and the similarities between modding and game development, collaborating with fellow modders, and a number of other modding topics.

Our goal with this new series is to release a new interview every Sunday, you can check out our website and our thread at the Bethesda Forums for a full list of planned future interviews.

A full list of mods that Zaldir has released are included below:

  1. Zaldir’s Website
  2. Druid Gameworks Official Website
  3. Druid Gameworks on YouTube

Zaldir’s Oblivion Mods:

  1. Kvatch Rebuilt
  2. Creature Diversity
  3. Populated Prisons
  4. Viking Village
  5. Gold Horse Courier – Delivery Job
  6. The Isle of Stroti
  7. Reclaiming the Nexus
  8. Benirus Manor Remade

Zaldir’s Morrowind Mods:

  1. More Detailed Places 2013