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Master Planning and Discussion / Re: ModTown 2015 - Landmass Planning
« on: June 11, 2015, 05:59:45 AM »
And the first rough draft.
Looks awesome!! Great job, very fast work. I agree, that size looks about right.

Master Planning and Discussion / Re: ModTown 2015 - Landmass Planning
« on: June 09, 2015, 07:27:45 AM »
Sounds like a couple of questions have been raised here:

  • Vanilla vs Custom Resources: Given that a lot of modders specialise in custom resources, perhaps it would be unfair to restrict the project to vanilla-only. But perhaps we should aim to keep things in the style of vanilla Morrowind, i.e. nothing too drastically different.
  • Exterior vs "Act Like Exterior" Cells: Fake exterior cells obviously have the advantage of being free from conflicts, but creating the landscape is a lot harder / less flexible. I don't have a strong opinion here. Real exterior cells would probably look better.
  • Size / architecture / features of the island: I think the island should be small, but detailed. Personally I'd love for there to be a lake. That opens up possibilities for an underwater cave, water-based mini games, sunken treasure, etc. I'm imagining the island being quite picturesque. Preferably not too many clashing architectures.

I like the idea of somehow introducing some concepts of modding in the game itself, like allowing the player to place some objects around ModTown like rocks or flags or buildings.

I also like Melchior's idea of a strange "glitch" state where NPCs start saying nonsensical things that modders will appreciate.

I also had another idea...

We, the modders, all face problems when it comes to modding, right? Maybe we get bored, or we struggle to find the time, or we get distracted. But we're all trying to overcome those problems in order to come together and make this awesome mod.

Well maybe the avatars of ModTown are similarly trying to come together to create something - perhaps a town hall. For the main quest, the player needs to help each avatar overcome their own personal problems in order that they can help out with the construction of this building. Each avatar could help in a different way, maybe some could supply wood or bricks, others could supply furniture, others could use spells, e.g. a Feather spell to enable the bricks to be moved.

At the end of the main quest, ModTown gets a shiny new town hall!

Master Planning and Discussion / Re: ModTown 2015 - Mission Statement
« on: June 07, 2015, 06:07:50 PM »
Count me in.

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