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Gonna try uploading here, but will also send it to you direct, MD.  Thanks a lot again.  I did a bit here and there.  Touched some things up.  Added some items and a lot of writing with the descriptions on the store museum displays.  Added the cook, Melo, whoo I have zero dialogue for.  Would really like to do more, but just don't have the time right this minute.  At any rate.  All exteriors are done, all interior structures and furnishings are done - with the exception of maybe some lighting in the halls which I never got to, but could later if need be and pretty much all writing done.  One of the things that I never got to, but that could be good fodder for quests and the like is NPCs in OHIH that are on-hard-times, or just starting out adventurers.  Could be a neat companion thing, I dunno.  Don't know how to do that stuff.  If anyone has the head for that stuff, please feel free.  Thanks again, you guys and have a great weekend and a wonderful day!

Awesome.  Thanks DEG.  I'm gonna devote some time to this tomorrow and post it here by Wednesday, as after that I will be incommunicado for about a week.   Or do I post it somewhere else?  Thanks again guys.   

Cool...maybe I will finish some of the physical stuff actually.  Ad lighting or whatever.  See what happens.  Thanks MD. 

Hey Darkelfguy and all too I suppose, hope everyone is well.  Sorry I have been away from the community for awhile, between my life going through a lot of bigger changes, losing a story for one of the displays that took me three hours to write due to a saving error and at times feeling like modding was becoming more toil than pleasure - not to mention my office becoming really hot in the summer and me hating the heat, I decided to step away for a bit.  As I recall, I submitted the most recent version of my mod claim which included Orin's Home For Impecunious Heroes, Orin's Tower and the pet shop. 

All of the exteriors for this claim are finished as far as I am concerned, though if people would like to add any detailing while doing the quest work, I definitely wouldn't be upset.  The interior for O'HIH is just about done.  I had planned to add a few NPC's that related to the adventuring paraphernalia on the table in the upstairs, as well as possessions belonging to them on and near some of the beds, but that is really it.  Oh, and of course there are the stories I was writing that explained the displays in the main hall, one of which I mentioned earlier that is just gone "sigh"  Orin's Tower I planned to add a lot to, but never got around to.  I spent - just a LOT of time working on the more secret areas in that cell (like my wife's sewing room) and didn't spend a lot of time doing the details in the tower itself.  As a result, it's pretty bare in some places, though the places I DID work on are finished.  Lastly, I had decided to leave the pet store as is, because i think I got way to ambitious for my own good on what I wanted to do with that.  I think it could make a great spot for a quest that might end with the player getting a pet, or perhaps just a place to buy pets (as I'd intended).  I understand that there are a few mods out there that deal with pets and how to set it all up, but I am just completely uninterested in learning how to muck with it.  It's also, I think,  just a neat  sort store to have around that is different from most places in a city. 

All of this being said, if I've been away for too long and my claim was offered to someone else who is more involved and dedicated, I completely understand.  If I am honest, I want to do more work on my mod (on the tower in particular) but I wouldn't make any commitment on my own part.  Sometimes I feel like I have to relearn how to use the CS every time I open it.  At any rate, I'm perfectly happy to hand what I've done with the mod off to you guys for quests and the like if you want to get started right away, or if there's time and I get some work on it done, I will resubmit.  Again, if my claim's been uh - REclaimed (heh), no harm no fowl.  I just didn't want to not have spoken about it. 

I'd just also like to say something that I am reminded of as I am writing this post.  The modding community for Morrowind and for ES in general are some of the most creative and talented people who's art I have ever seen.  I am grateful to have been able to see the creations that you've come up with that are still absolutely stunning and beautiful (even and especially in a game that is almost 15 years old).  I am also very grateful to  you Darkelfguy for making the Morrowind Modding Showcase videos that shared those creations with a much wider audience than they would normally have touched.  I mean, if I hadn't seen your videos and all the mods therein, I wouldn't have even thought about making my own mod.  So thanks a lot. 

Darkelfguy!  You rock all of my socks right the fuck off!  Thanks so much for mentioning my book!  I was honestly wasn't going to mention it at all, as I didn't want to seem like an ass, or a pest.  Promoting oneself can often feel mercenary and rude.  I also had no idea anyone else in the community was a writer, but as you said, it isn't surprising.  If you do decide to do reviews of work done by folks in the community, I'd be honored to have mine among those you do.  It also sounds like an awesome idea, as self published authors often have trouble with getting their work out to people.  Awesome video, man!  Thanks so much for all your work for the community.  We all appreciate it a lot. 

Ok, so finally got it sorted.  As usual it was Windows 8's fault.  Put the file I was working on is some secondary parallel dimension that I didn't ask it to.  My wife, who is light years more computer literate than I, helped me find it.  At any rate, here it is.  Thanks for trying to help Wretched Fetcher.  Hope everyone has a good night.

>It appears in the CS and when I start the game up...

Then it should be there. You're probably have too many files in the data folder, so it's difficult to find your mod.

Also, if you have multiple installations, maybe you look in the wrong one.

Yeah, no.  I looked up the file like seven times while trying to upload it.  It is not in the Data File folder, even though it appears in both the CS and the game data files.  The reason I know this for SURE is that not only are all of the files in alphabetical order and the original ModTown 2015 file is still in there with my ESP nowhere in site, BUT I did file search on my entire compy and there are apparently no files named ModTown 2015 Orin's Tower.  Also, I do not have multiple installations.  I can't live at that speed!

Ok, so here's my claim, such as it is.  So I completely forgot about this until yesterday at about noon.  I panicked and went into a flurry of modding.  Most of the fixes and additions were done in that time, so I hope their cool.  The toons have no dialogue, as I haven't learned to muck with that yet.  I remembered why I got discouraged from this in the first place and it is likely why I might have subconsciously avoided the project.  There are a couple of notes in the mod near the displays in the House for Impecunious heroes that are basically little short stories of how my avatar got the items in question.  Anyway, there HAD been a few of these, BUT...I completely fucked up and saved over like three of them with the first one.  Several hours of creative work just gone.  It's happened to me before professionally and I kind of get a gasoline and fire attitude about it.  Had I not committed to Mod Town I might have just scrapped the mod.  At any rate, there are now two little stories in there and some updates to some of the other notes and such I have done.  I ran it through the TESTool, so it should be all clean.  There's a couple of secret doors in the tower that it would be cool if you could show off, as they lead to other areas that I put a LOT of work into.  One in the tower itself leads to Orin's Sanctum and one in the kitchen leads to a craft room that I made as a gift/tribute to my wife, which still needs to have some detail work done on it.  lol.  As for things to avoid...the hallways need lighting and the upper tower is mostly boring, except for s bit of a jump scare right as you walk in.  Also, I still have NO idea how to make the pet store work the way I'd like, but it is very pretty and now has a patron, Crentin.  Other than that, have at it.  Thanks a lot DEG. 

Ok so apparently I did something wrong when I saved this.  I just tried to upload this and can't find the ESP in the Morrowind Data Files folder.  It appears in the CS and when I start the game up, but not when I try to upload it, or search for it directly.  Any suggestions?

Hey there DEG, I'm really sorry I haven't been more active on the forums lately.  I had to step away from modding for a bit, because it was starting to feel a bit like a job and I wasn't enjoying it and with nothing to report, there was not a lot to post about.  The structure work on my mod is done, it's mostly just interior detailing work to do now, but there is a lot of it.  After getting the notification of this, I've decided to try and throw myself back into modding and see if I can't get a burst of creativity to get a bunch of work done.  I'm giving myself the deadline of the 14th, so whatever I have at that point, I will upload so you can use it.  It isn't a huge mod, but it will have it's charms.  Hope you and everyone else are having a good weekend.

Modder Claims / Re: (modders claim plot 28 RE101003)
« on: August 21, 2015, 09:10:51 AM »
This sounds really cool!  I'm also featuring a few friendly daedra in my mod.  It would be fun to reference the tavern as a place they might go.

Open Public Building Claims / Re: [Claimed] Common Shop 02 - OrinDac
« on: August 20, 2015, 01:21:10 PM »
And, of course, Asala - The White Wolf.

Open Public Building Claims / Re: [Claimed] Common Shop 02 - OrinDac
« on: August 20, 2015, 11:02:38 AM »
Here's the Aquarium.  I am pretty proud of this if I'm honest. 

Open Public Building Claims / Re: [Claimed] Common Shop 02 - OrinDac
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:59:50 AM »
Some more creatures.

Open Public Building Claims / Re: [Claimed] Common Shop 02 - OrinDac
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:54:28 AM »
I went ahead and took some interior shots of the shop too.  Here's a few of the creatures.  Fun fact:  The HP Lovecraft references were made before today, which is his birthday, and are completely unrelated, as I named those creatures last week before I remembered his B-Day was coming.  Guess my subconscious remembered.

Open Public Building Claims / Re: [Claimed] Common Shop 02 - OrinDac
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:14:48 AM »
Ok so I have some exterior shots here of the store I've made.  I was going to keep this as a bit of a surprise, but I think I might need some help on it.  It's going to be a pet shop called Crentin's Creatures.  I've already placed a number of creatures inside, mostly animals and the like.  They're all unique and named, but I am unsure how to make them into companions.  I am also unsure as to how to script such a transaction, like with the Pack Rat in Tribunal.  I also am very aware that I need to put some lighting on this exterior.

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