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NPC and Book Creation / Re: [Mixed - Book/Text] CoaCB Content + Other
« on: September 15, 2015, 04:39:58 AM »
yes helo i am still here

so i have a fever and can't do anything this week other sitting on my ass in bed so i'll be popping back in to write some stuff up and drop off bits and pieces from my blog

General Discussion / Re: TES 6
« on: August 01, 2015, 04:28:31 PM »
black marsh black marsh black marsh can i say black marsh enough

Well, kinda. I found BM lacking in ESO, but it is only a small part of it and recycles a lot of assets. Argonian eggs can't be bigger than ostrich eggs jesus christ why do they have giant warts on them why did they reuse the same egg model for every reptile ever. I'd love to see a Black Marsh game, but Hammerfell or Valenwood would be cool too. Maybe AltmerLand, apart from everyone is unbelievably stuck up there. A Dwemer-oriented one would be the most magical of all though, imagine the lore. Loooooore.

oop i'm still here i've just been away on holiday

I'm volunteering all my blog content for use in books since there's so much of it. Just give me a poke if you use any of it though so I can keep track of where it's all at.

omg more people recognize me Yep that's me, glad you enjoy it! I used to hate writing but I found my niche in pseudo-educational world building lore. For once, I actually like writing and I can post it publicly.

NPC and Book Creation / [Mixed - Book/Text] CoaCB Content + Other
« on: July 15, 2015, 07:05:42 PM »
that moment when you have to dig through your own tags to make sure your content is canon with your other content

You can use any of the non-OOC aka me rambling to people content on my blog here in books, but mention what you're doing here so I know who's using my stuff. If you need anything verified, just give me a poke.

Book Title: The Alchemist's Fieldbook: Bittercoast Fungi (u/MrFahrenheit39)


Vvardenfell is the home of many beautiful species of fungus, but none are as glorious as the bio-luminescent family of mushrooms sprouting along the Bitter Coast. While the Ashlands may have their fire fungus and weeping gills, and the Telvanni their almighty towers, but the existence of such simple forms of life emitting light akin to that of a wisp is magical in a wholly unique manner. The Violet Corprinus and Luminous Russula contain no notable magical essence, and yet they glow brightly throughout the night!

The Luminous Russula is mostly green with a blue tint, mottled by patches of brown and white. It is fat, round and mildly scented, although some specimens may be pointed and exceptionally pungent. The rim of the cap is dotted with spots, which emit the peculiar light. The thick, fibrous stalk is lined with purple veins, oriented away from the direction of sunlight. When harvesting, pull the mushroom up from the base, forking it out of the ground entirely. Refill the hole with leaves and dirt, to promote growth of fresh toadstools.

Violet Corprinus is a small but attractive mushroom. A bright sky-blue, edged with purple splotches and white speckles adorning the fruit, it is impossible to mistake for any other. The best specimens are taken when the stalk is between 3-5 inches in length, unblemished and flawlessly straight. Package specimens in a cloth bag filled with down feather and shed fur to prevent bruising on the journey home.

The Bungler's Bane, also known as the Fool's Mushroom, is almost entirely toxic. Even the smallest sample will result in an upset stomach, which is aggravated moreso by the consumption of alcohol. Orange and brown, thickly striped and somewhat ragged in appearance, it bears great resemblance to Hypha Facia, a less attractive but edible relative. Almost any tree, rotting log or slab of moldy wood will eventually spout these mushrooms. When broken, the flesh is dry and powdery.

Hypha Facia is a damp but delicious specimen. While it inhabits the same territories as the Bungler's Bane, it lacks the vibrant colour and dusty appearance. To compare these two shelf fungi, cut off a piece. Bungler's Bane contains very little moisture, whereas the Hypha Facia is almost dripping with spore-laden water!

Skills Associated: Alchemy
Book Value: 25g
Weight: 2.8

Book Title: Delicacies from Afar: Bosmer Surprise (u/MrFahrenheit39)
Content: It's cannibalism! Surprise! [You are in fact, not surprised.]
Skills Associated: N/A
Book Value: 1g
Weight: 1.5

i'll never stop finding this joke funny ok

Book Title: The Special Guar [Children's Storybook] (u/MrFahrenheit39)


Once upon a time, lived a very special guar. This guar was white as bone, with eyes like smoldering embers and claws of shining gold. Their name was Little Guar, and they lived in a far away land, very far away from all the people and villages. The others guars did not like Little Guar. Little Guar was bright and shiny, but the others guars were dull and brown. "A good guar is a plain guar!", the guars said. So Little Guar was sad.

One day, Little Guar went out to the water, and met the Wise Old Mudcrab. He had lived in this place longer than anyone could remember! And the Wise Old Mudcrab said, 'Why are you so sad, Little Guar? You are like a moon amongst tiny stars!"

"The other guars don't like me," said Little Guar, "because I am not a good guar."

The Wise Old Mudcrab scratched his shell in confusion. "Not a good guar? Now, I don't think that's true, Little Guar."

Little Guar was shocked! The grown-up guars were always right, that's what they said. The Wise Old Mudcrab must be wrong, but he's even more grown-up than they are! Little Guar was very puzzled now, but the Wise Old Mudcrab never told a lie.

"Surely any guar must be good at being a guar. You eat roots and walk on two legs, and you sleep during the night like other guars. Yes, you must be a good guar." The Wise Old Mudcrab spoke wisely. He was a very clever mudcrab after all.

And so Little Guar ran back home with their head held high. And as the years passed by, Little Guar grew even more beautiful and strong, and the Wise Old Mudcrab was proud. One day, Little Guar, now a very big guar, went to see the Wise Old Mudcrab.

"You were right, Sera. I may be as white as the clouds, with bold eyes and glittering claws, but I am still a guar. The other guars can be mean sometimes, but I'll always be just like them, even if they don't know it. Thank you, Wise Old Mudcrab!"

And the Wise Old Mudcrab smiled. Little did Little Guar know, that every thousand years on a full moon, a very special guar would hatch. Little Guar did not know it, but they would become one of the most important guars of all.

~ Anonymous

Skills Associated: Speechcraft
Book Value: 10g
Weight: 1.0

Outlawed by Tribunal Temple for 'poisoning the minds' of Morrowind's youth with Imperialistic outlander nonsense. The author was later found ranting in a local pub about 'backwards society'.

if you want me to write things for your plot just tell me what you want and i'll see what i can do

i like corprus and biology and rambling

Introductions / Re: poppin' in
« on: July 15, 2015, 06:27:18 PM »
I can't believe I've never seen ModTown before after so many years shifting around through the modding community like a reduced item bin. I was like.. 8 when ModTown 2004 started?? so I couldn't have participated anyway. lol i was too young to buy my own copy of morrowind

Introductions / poppin' in
« on: July 15, 2015, 03:49:12 PM »
so i'm the person behind confessions of a corprus beast and i thought this looks super cool so i'll join in. don't entirely understand what it is that's going on but that hasn't stopped me so far

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