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Off Topic / Happy birthday, Darkelfguy!
« on: September 24, 2015, 07:36:06 PM »
  :) :) :) I wish you everything that is good in this life. Be always happy and prosperous! :) :) :)

Thank you very much for all that you have done for us!

Resource Requests / Westly's Heads
« on: September 23, 2015, 05:34:44 AM »
It's a bit late for asking (because I am already using it), but here is my request for Westly's Master Head Pack X. Are you OK with this?

Introductions / Wretched Fetcher - at your service
« on: September 05, 2015, 03:23:16 PM »
Hello guys,

There's not much to tell about me, in regards to Morrowind internet community. For a long time I haven't known that such community is even a thing. Then I've been lurker for some years, changed many accounts due to lost passwords and frustration with forum names I picked (yeah, I'm so "good" at this). I do a little modding - I like to take mods by other people and modify them for my needs. Right now I'm involved in Morrowind Modding Wiki (check my signature for details), which I see as my contribution to people who gave me many months, if not years, of enjoyment. That's because my sense of justice dictates me to give back something in return for what I have got myself.

I am not a native English speaker, and I don't live in an English-speaking country, so I tend to make sad orphographical and grammatical mistakes, especially when in hurry, - for this I am begging your pardon in advance. Also, sometimes my posts may seem quirky, esoteric or funny, or even offensive (though I try hard to avoid the latter) - this is also due to me being an outlander foreigner. Please never take offence, because I never mean it - I am actually quite good-natured man. I also tend to mix English and American phrases a lot, because the former I've been taught at school and university, and the letter is the language I hear the most at work. I think it can also sound pretty funny - but the difference between them is so delicate that it is quite difficult for me to grasp it.

I also can get a bit too personal or emotional, and can also shitpost post replies without putting enough thought in them - in this case please just don't pay attention.

I am looking forward to make some good contributions to the project! It is developing really well so far - all thanks to DarkElfGuy and Melchior Dahrk, and you, of course!

I'm going to use this for my forge. The resource is free to use, just posting a notice here according to the rules.

If you don't agree, please tell. Here is GHF link.

Modding Tutorials / Morrowind Modding Wiki
« on: August 29, 2015, 05:07:28 PM »
Hello my friends,

For many years - a fair share of our life - we played Morrowind and learned that there hardly is a game of comparable depth and beauty, and a better creative outlet. Morrowind was the first game that allowed us to roam freely in astonishing, beautifully detailed world, so very detached from our earthly struggles. But more importantly - at least as I see it - it gave us the freedom and easy means of changing this world according to our desires, our vision of it, the freedom (and much incentive!) to expand on it, enlarge it and beautify it to perfection. Where the developers stopped, we continued, and we will hopefully never stop doing so.

Not in the least many of us continue to care about the game thanks to you, my dear community. Rarely do I see a company of so intelligent and friendly, and helpful, and talented people on the Internet.

But the time goes on, and with Morrowind being a game of such a venerable age, we are forced to deal with a set of problems. We saved our mods (thanks Nexus! Thanks MMH!), but there is more: as forums are purged and websites go dark, we are loosing valuable resources: modding guides, forum threads, which long served us as a reference to troubleshoot various problems, and tutorials, which helped to properly set up and enjoy the modded game. And the information that is available is so dispersed that it becomes a chore to find what you are looking for. No doubt that for the newer players and modders this proves especially difficult.

With this in mind, Brucoms and AndalayBay of The Assimilation Lab about a year ago started Morrowind Modding Wiki, dedicated to preserving, centralizing and expanding Morrowind modding knowledge. We are not that big yet, but have got all the basics covered and can be useful for new and experienced players, and for modders alike.

Things move pretty slow right now, but I wouldn't worry about it. New people will come and pick up the reigns (maybe you?). That's because the format of a wiki, for all ordinary uses, is the ultimate way of storing and verifying information (hundred editors > one editor) on a subject in one place, and keeping it up to date. And we NEED such a place, it is just obvious. And no, the UESP wiki is not enough. Why? Let me explain.

  • The UESP is large, way too large to navigate it easily. The UESP covers all entries of The Elder Scrolls series, including the newest popular MMO spin-off, ES Online. We restrict ourselves to Morrowind exclusively.
  • The main focus of the UESP is to provide gameplay information, lore, walkthroughs, to tell about a game world and its inhabitants, describe quests and storylines. It has a respectable modding section - unfortunately pretty well hidden - but it is apparently of secondary importance for the editors. Morrowind Modding Wiki has different objectives: to provide people with exhaustive information on mod-building and to give them educated advice on how to play modded Morrowind without problems.
  • Our wiki aims to gather and conserve all kind of technical information concerning modding, including articles, guides and forum threads. This is just out of scope for the UESP.

I would like to stress that I deeply respect writers and editors of the UESP as I would respect anyone who freely donates their time and energy to help others. The UESP is and always will be the number one general Morrowind reference resource, and Morrowind Modding Wiki is absolutely not intended to compete with it in any way. On the contrary, it exists to complement the UESP in the areas specified above.

Needless to say, the Morrowind Modding Wiki has nothing to do with money. It is a fan-driven project, by gamers for gamers, started for the sake of continuing prosperity of our fine community.

Now let's have a quick look at what we've got.

Players might be interested in:

Beginners Guide, to get you started
Wrye Mash, to learn how actually easy it is to remove and add mods on the fly, and how to tend the health of your saves
Mod Loader Order Expert (Mlox), to sort your load order so the game wouldn't break
GMST Contamination, to know your enemy
TES3cmd, to clean your mods of said contamination (and other nasty things) in a breeze (or use TESTool, which is easier to get into)
Morrowind Graphics Extender XE, to bring your Morrowind to entirely new level of beauty
Morrowind Code Patch, to get rid of those pesky bugs in the code, and get some great new features to boot
4GB Patch, to take advantage of your large RAM
Creating a Compatibility Patch, to make those stubborn mods compatible
Morrowind Patch Project, to take advantage of previous gamers' experience, who took their time to squash every one of them insects (kinda)

Modders may find useful the following:

Morrowind Mod Maker's Manual - updated version!
Scripting for Dummies - improved over the original
Morrowind Script Library - with fixed Dongle's and Indigo Rage's scripts
Scripting with MWSE, by legendary Yacoby
Bump and Reflection Mapping, by masters AnOldFriend and Biont, with comments from the brightest minds of our community!
MWSE, featuring extensive documentation on the newer version of the extender made by Merzasphor recently (pretty unique development)
Storing NPC related data, yup!
Custom Faces, refresh your looks with Mike_and_Ike's help
Creating dialogue and Dialogue Window, the famous dialogue tutorial from Jac
NifSkope Hints and Tips and MaterialProperty - a little piece of advice for NifSkope users
Scripts from LofZ and Creation and Management of Factions - straight from Russia, with love (for once)

Additionally, we have these supplementary materials:

Modder interviews - contains the old Bethesda Morrowind modder interviews, and DarkElfGuy's video interviews, some of which were transcribed by Brucoms.
Morrowind Hyperlinks Compendium - our WIP internet links collection. if only everybody had just dropped a line about their Morrowind fansite - that would have been really great. We can hope...

If you want to participate, we'll be delighted! Here's the information to get you started:

First, give the Getting Started page a read. To edit and create pages you will need to sign up. This is necessary to keep unwanted bots out.
Have a look at the Stubs category for pages that need work, and to the Task List page for things other editors have flagged up as needing work. If you have an idea of an article, or a guide - you can create a new page right away and go ahead! Just be aware that your material may be edited or overwritten - because this is how wikis work and this is what makes them preferable for keeping data relevant and correct. If you're unsure as to how to format a page, give the Formatting and Style guides a read.

One of the main difficulties we face at the wiki is procuring the right to copy guides. Given the game's age, many authors are not available anymore, so it's not possible to get their assent for saving their work for the future, in case sites it is hosted at close. We implore everybody to always specify permissions you give (or don't) for modifying, copying and hosting your work, be it a guide, or a script, or a mod. Absence of such information means a 'no' to us, though I'm sure most people wouldn't care, they have just forgotten to write that last line. If you're an author, and wish that your article be copied to the wiki (rest assured that the authorship will be indicated), please write us a note. Maybe just right here.

Things are a lot easier with forum threads, because a forum administration is usually around. Right now we have a permission from Matt Grandstaff, the Bethesda community manager, to copy material from official Morrowind forum.

And lastly, here are the links to discussions of Morrowind Modding Wiki at various forums.

The old thread at official forum
The new thread at official forum
The discussion at The Assimilation Lab
The discussion at Reddit

We'd like to express our gratitude to AndalayBay for allowing the wiki to be hosted by The Assimilation Lab. Thank you so much Anda!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

P.S. Morrowind Modding Wiki and OpenMW.

The much anticipated arrival of OpenMW 1.0, which is going to make Morrowind truly imperishable (yay!), will not make the Modding Wiki redundant. Here's why:

  • Scripting language of OpenMW will remain mostly the same, with some additions. The game will be more unforgiving to incorrect syntax in script, though, but for a good reason.
  • Most modding tools and some player aids will remain useful. Only those which address bugs will not (because old bugs will be non-existent).
  • All modelling and texturing techniques will still be relevant.
  • A large portion of players will stay on original game engine, because this is how things work in this world.

A lot of information about dealing with Morrowind bugs and quirks will become unnecessary, of course, but this can only be for the good.
OpenMW has its own wiki, and a very vibrant one, but right now people there are occupied with documentation of the new game's engine.
Whether there will be a modding section is the question for the future. If it proves to be a better place for our community's modding needs, I won't mind transferring useful for OpenMW materials from our wiki to theirs (speaking for myself now, though I don't think others would object).

Modder Claims / [Modder Claim] Plot 28 - wretched fetcher - A smithy
« on: August 27, 2015, 03:45:24 PM »
Claiming plot 28 while I still have the opportunity =). I understand that another guy wanted it, but it was not allowed (,174.0.html), because he already had one.

Here's my idea for the plot.

Given the proximity of a fort, I thought it would be a good idea to create a forge here where a family of hereditary smiths lives. That would be a crippled old father and his unmarried son. This family has mastered their craft to perfection, and some of their ancestors were rumored to be great adventurers, scouring the land for knowledge that could benefit their trade. It is believed even that some were mage-smiths. Whether these rumors are true or not is a matter of debate, but the family certainly amassed a respectable library filled with books of shady origin. Not that they really like to show it to the neighbours.

This is just a preliminary sketch, but I like the idea and don't think I will change the concept. It will be a good incentive for me to study some lore on smithing and learn how Tamrielic people craft things out of ebony and glass.

The tileset will probably be common and rich imperial housing. I think I will use all community-produced smithing resources that I will be able to find.

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