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Off Topic / Great House Fliggerty site issues...
« on: November 04, 2017, 09:12:14 PM »
Some of you might have noticed that there was a hiccup on the 30th of October at Great House Fliggerty, and some things are still not working right. The issue stemmed from a temporary shutdown of the servers that are hosting Great House Fliggerty, and our sister sites. While this was happening Fliggerty began a server migration to get a jump start on moving things to a new server. We hope to have the migration completed by the end of next week. We also hope to have any bugs caused by the server migration worked out by the end of the week too. In the case of bugs, and other issue we ask for your continued patience.
Until the migration is completed you can continue using the forum link on Modding History to get into most forums on Great House Fliggerty.

Master Planning and Discussion / Modder Dues
« on: July 18, 2016, 02:38:15 PM »
Just a quick question here. Have we decided on the amount the Modder avatars will be paying for their dues? I just ask, because I want to be able to write in the correct amount int he dialog for when the player has gotten to that part of the quest line.

EDIT: also what are the journal entries going to be for the due collections? So that when you do get the dues from my avatar he doesn't just keep paying you every time you click the dues topic.

NPC and Book Creation / NPC Claims and NoLore
« on: July 26, 2015, 09:14:11 PM »
Quick question about Claim Avatar, and NPCs.
I thought I read some where about making NPCs NoLOre, but I can not find it now. Is it preferable for Mod Town NPCs, and Modder avatar/claim NPCs to have the NoLore script on 'em or not. I'm thinking I would rather my NPCs have the NoLore script, so that they won't talk about the mainland all of the time. This also means that I will have to create more dialog for my NPCs, but that's an entirely different issue. Any way a refresher for my memory would be appreciated.

EDIT: mods please move this to the appropriate sub-forum

Modder Claims / [Modder Claim] Plot 31 - Drakkmore
« on: July 16, 2015, 04:50:42 PM »
I want to put a small house here with some things I've been working on. The interior of the house is in the common style. Maybe a small access to an underground cavern with maybe a little small quest to obtain yet another unique item I;m working on. I'm not quite certain exactly what will happen with my plans as some times they change mid stream.Maybe if it's okay I'll have a small egress to the beach behind the plot from the cavern. It'll be hidden of course, maybe only noticeable once you've gone out from the cavern. Oh the possibilities, we'll see when I get going what really happens.

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