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Hi, I am planning a quest. Not that big, but quite interesting. For that I am looking someone who is able to do little scripts.

Quest Name:The corpse in the garden
Quest Summary (what the quest is about): In my claim there is dead dunmer next to a dwemer machine. A female nord will tell you he was touching the wheels of the machine. There is also a book teeling her point of view a bit more detailed. You should be able to find the murderer of the Dunmer. For that, you can ask the trader on the other side and neigbours if they have seen a thing. Also on my claim are NPC you can ask.
I do not know who will be the one. Either the female nord (was jealouse/broken hard or what ever) or my character. But I would be also fine if someone is thinking of other options.
Quest Dialogue (divide by topics and greetings):
Scripts (if any): I need someone how can script the dwemer machine so that a pop up news appears saying: "When u touch the machine, it does not feel hot. Furthermore I can find some scratches. Seems like there was a figth"
Ready for Implementation (yes/no): no, cause i need all the interiors and some more NPC, to make it more funny. Furthermore the diologue section is not complete yet.

If someone is willing to help with dialogue or scripting, please feel free to post. If you have a claim in the city and want to be a neighbour, please tell me. Maybe we can find a story for him. If you want (or need) more information, please ask. :D

Modder Claims / [modder claim] -->Plot 19||King Nerevar
« on: July 15, 2015, 05:35:43 PM »
Hi guys,
I just found out this project has been started. As far as I can see, plot 19 is not claimed yet. So i want to claim it.
I really do not know what i will do when I start building there (I will update if I know ^^). For me, modding always developed when progressing in work. When I first started a mod, I just wanted to build a a tiny island with some bloodmoon colony buildings. At the end I build an island as big as Solstheim with some cities :D I am so sad I do not have this mod yet, so I hope I can make something big here.

The only thing I know is that I will add a dunmer called King Nerevar in this plot ^^

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