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Title: NPC Emporium
Post by: Phobos_Jugular on July 17, 2015, 12:57:38 AM
Iím overwhelmed by the scope of this project and way out of the league of what Iím seeing by the modders here so Iím trimming my original ambitions back (I was going to try making an ancient dweemer tomb with an Assyrian/Babylonian motif overlaying a Velothi tileset) and stick to NPC creation for the time being. I will use the vanilla bodies and NPC faces culled from GhanBuriGhanís World of Faces Mod and submit them via esp.

I'll have the first set (Nihil Declaro an Imperial smuggler, Herodotus Defacto an Imperial quest giver, Doc Placebo an Orc charlatan, and Bogmore a bosmer poacher) in an esp including some customized character classes for each - but nothing uber. I can probably have the esp file ready in a day or two. After that I will be open to make additional NPC's and do a little writing for the newspaper.