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ModTown 2015 - NPC Main Cast - Profiles and Background
« on: June 22, 2016, 03:10:02 PM »
Below you'll find a basic list of some of the main characters for ModTown 2015, this is only a partial list and doesn't include any of the guilds as of yet or any other minor characters of importance that we might want to add later on. Each character has a name, class, race, and a summary to give you an idea of their personality and history. You can use this information for developing dialogue topics, and you're also free to claim one of these characters to fully develop with dialogue or quests as you so desire (remember to make a new topic when claiming NPCs), and if you do claim an NPC, you're free to change the personality and the history of that NPC if you want, just be sure to make note of the changes.

This list will be updated later one when we have more NPCs developed. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding NPC development, please post them below. NPCs are organized by location (i.e. public building or buildings that they're associated with).

Name: Sinerion Aediath, Race: Altmer, Class: Guard, Rank: Captain, Gender: Male
Summary: Sinerion is the captain of the guard for the town barracks, found at the gates to ModTown's central square. A rather typical haughty high-elf, Sinerion is a veteran of several minor conflicts from the Tamriel mainland before he moved to the more peaceful, yet occasionally dangerous, shores of ModTown. Used to resting on his laurels after years of only dealing with minor modder mishaps, Sinerion is a bit slow to react to new events, believing himself more than capable of handling anything that should come ModTown's way, and partakes in a little too much drink from time to time (which is to say most of the time).

Name: Jurgmm Iron-Heart, Race: Nord, Class: Blacksmith, Gender: Male
Summary: Jurgmm is one of several blacksmiths and armorers in ModTown, though he often tells his clients and anyone who'll listen that he was the first blacksmith in ModTown and he still has the finest wares and the best forge in the city, though his competitors dispute that point vehemently. Slow to anger and quick to strike a bargain, Jurgmm is unnaturally inclined to negotiate and barter for a Nord, and this trait of his personality has won him many friends in town, including a business contract with the town guard to provide them with new weapons and armor.

Census & Excise Office:
Name: Covelga Arrenix, Race: Imperial, Class: Bureaucrat, Rank: Community Assistant, Gender: Female
Summary: Unlike in Seyda Neen, the Census & Excise Office of ModTown is not an Imperial institution but rather an outreach of the Community Consortium, which likes to keep track of the comings and goings of new immigrants and tourists to the island. As such, Covelga Arrenix, who runs the C&E, is technically attached to the Community Consortium, having an official rank of Community Assistant within the faction, but other than filing reports with the Community Consortium regarding new arrivals, she keeps to herself in the offices away from the main CC compound on the other side of town. A former contractor with the East Empire Company in the Imperial City, Covelga Arrenix is accomplished at the art of bureaucracy and has streamlined the process at the Census & Excise for efficiency, ensuring a never-ending stream of trade and prosperity to ModTown, though she herself is rather suspicious of the modders that live here and suspects that, inevitably, the whole town may one-day collapse from the dubious modder experiments that so often cause disturbances in ModTown.

Community Consortium:
The Community Consortium hierarchy consists of four central characters that are essential to the main quest. We'll need to develop side-characters later on, but for now these four are the ones we dialogue profiles for the most.

Name: Davthas Felano, Race; Dunmer, Class: Wizard, Rank: Grand Architect, Gender: Male
Summary: The current leader of the Community Consortium, Davthas Felano was once a true-believer in the cause of ModTown, coming here at an early age and working his way up through the ranks of the Community Consortium with an unbridled passion for assisting the works of modders. These days, however, his faith in the modders of ModTown has long since been shaken by their aloof and often despondent natures, a betrayal that makes his hardwork and commitment seem worthless. So it was that Davthas Felano decided to take what was owed him, initiating a scheme with a large number of the Community Consortium leadership to start draining the town's coffers. After all, if the modders couldn't be bothered to show themselves, why not help themselves and profit before the town sinks into Oblivion? Outwardly he projects the same stern stewardship of ModTown that has won him much respect amongst the locals, but inwardly he delights at his revenge coming to fruition and soon ModTown will be septim-less to be left to the ravages of rabid dogs and destitute modders.

Name: Vireiene Geleitte, Race: Breton, Class: Noble, Rank: Community Ambassador, Gender: Female
Summary: In charge of development and recruitment for ModTown, Vireiene Geleitte is the Community Consortium's hard-working ambassador to the outside world, often seen late at night hammering out contracts to bring new goods and services to ModTown or at the docks preparing to leave on yet another journey to find some undiscovered talent that could add to ModTown's fortunes. Vireiene, unlike the Grand Architect, believes stronger in the Community Consortium's mission and the abilities of the town's modders to provide prosperity for them all. Coming from a humble background, having immigrated to ModTown from the Imperial City's poorer districts, Vireinne has worked her way up to Community Ambassador and keeps a tight schedule for new recruits coming into the ambassadorial department, often demanding a strict workload for the good of ModTown, though recently she has begun to suspect that the Grand Architect's orders are not, as she originally thought, to the benefit of the city, but at this time these are little more than suspicions that confirmed beliefs.

Name: Berthadan Oakmire, Race: Bosmer, Class: Mage, Rank: Community Secretary, Gender: Male
Summary: The Community Secretary, and the initial person that the player takes quests from in the Community Consortium, Berthadan Oakmire is responsible for handling most new recruits to the Community Consortium, providing them with the basic tasks and skills necessary to move up in rank, though most recruits remain at the assistant level doing the Consortium's day-to-day work. A mage of only moderate skill but considerable ego, Berthadan has often considered himself meant for greater things and has long held a grudge against the Community Consortium for leaving him stagnating at such a lowly rank, handling such tedious affairs as the ever-strange requests and supplies for the modders of ModTown. Once the storied hero of magical potential back in his hometown in Valenwood, Berthadan has found himself outmatched and outclassed time and time again by the more skilled and powerful types that ModTown attracts, and he's come to despise both the town and the modders that reside there. For this reason, he was one of the first that Davthas approached about his scheme to siphon off ModTown's coffers, and Berthadan's position makes him ideally for hiding certain expenses as being nothing more than supply requests from modders.

Name: Yisrey, Race: Redguard, Class: Warrior, Rank: Community Fixer, Gender: Female
Summary: The current Community Fixer, Yisrey, is one of the highest ranked members of the Community Consortium, serving the city of ModTown for years and has earned much respect from both the town's locals and the modders that reside here for quickly servicing the needs of the community and playing a large role in the town's expansion over the years. Deadly with a blade, but quick to smooth over hurt feelings through negotiation, she's won many friends inside and outside the Community Consortium, yet the Grand Architect has been pushing for her retirement, and after years of service, she seems likely to concede, though suspicious of the Grand Architect's intentions. But Yisrey is loyal to the core, both to the community and the consortium, and so hasn't even considered the possibility of what Davthas is really up to, at least not yet.

Name: Mecipius Evicria, Race: Imperial, Class: Guard, Rank: Commander, Gender: Male
Summary: Commander of the garrison that guards the harbor to ModTown, Mecipius is a principled and steadfast man that takes the protection of ModTown quite seriously, unlike his counterpart Sinerion, though he has a lingering distaste for the dangers that modders introduce with the modding meddling. As a recent arrival himself, he has yet to acclimate to these strange modder creatures that make ModTown so unique, but outside of that group he has made friends with a few of the locals, such as the blacksmith Jurgmm and the publican of The Esteemed Alit Inn, where he's prone to drink after a long day.

Merchant Hall:
Name: Leodonia Atelus, Race: Imperial, Class: Trader, Gender: Female
Summary: Leodonia is the primary trader in the Merchant Hall, selling goods out of her first-floor shop, and she's often looked up to as the primary organizer for the Merchant Hall, ensuring all vendors get a fair treatment and booths get properly setup so as to attract foot-traffic. Arriving from the distant Imperial city of Anvil, Leodonia is one of several merchants that came to ModTown to strike their fortune, hoping that the create madness of the town's modders would help to fill their own coffers, and in many respects this seems to be the case, business is booming and there's a demand for everything.

Name: Vericnach Merinius, Race: Breton, Class: Alchemist, Gender: Male
Summary: A small-time alchemist, Vericnach is one of the central shopkeepers in the Merchant Hall, keeping a walk-in store on the second-level that provides a modest selection of alchemy goods, from simple potions to relatively common ingredients. As with the blacksmiths, there's a lot of alchemists in ModTown, and Vericnach is in fierce competition with many of them, most of which have more visible storefronts or a higher-standing in the community, but regardless he does good enough business, enough so that he has a running competition with his neighbor, Ironon the enchanter, over who can bring more customers to their respective shops in the Merchant Hall.

Name: Ironon Highaire, Race: Altmer, Class: Enchanter, Gender: Male
Summary: The proprietor of one of the second-level shops of the Merchant Hall, Ironon is by all accounts a failure of an enchanter, not that he would ever admit it. Many of his more complicated enchantments have a tendency to...backfire, and usually with disastrous results for the user. As such he has a certain reputation in town, and most of his actual sales are in minor enchantments that even he couldn't mess up, probably. Though thanks to the constant stream of tourists and outsiders, he finds plenty of customers for his wares, even the more questionable ones.

Name: Dulabuk Ugrgk, Race: Orc, Class: Smith, Gender: Male
Summary: Dulabuk is yet another one of ModTown's numerous blacksmiths, and the resident armorer at the Merchant Hall, though unlike his compatriots in the Hall, his forge has often been neglected with few customers. Left to rot in the Merchant Hall basement, Dulabuk doesn't get the street traffic as other merchants might, and with Jurgmm's establishment just blocks away, many of Dulabuk's customers end up going elsewhere. It doesn't help that he has a short-temper and happens to be quite rigid with his prices, and rumor has it he's taken a personal disliking to Jurgmm, though how far he might take a rivalry is unknown.

Name: Iminda, Race: Redguard, Class: Publican, Gender: Male
Summary: The proprietor and owner of the Merchant Hall, Iminda is the one responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly, and although he leaves much of the organizational work to Leodonia, he also runs the Merchant Hall inn and bar, which provides food, drink, and lodging for weary travelers and merchants. Originally from the distant shores of Hammerfall, Iminda was one of the first merchants to arrive in ModTown during the early days of the Consortium's control, and he established the Merchant Hall as a way to grow business by providing a common environment for many merchants to thrive in at once, and for the most part, this has been a successful endeavor, though as ModTown has grown there's been an increasing number of competing shops that have driven business away from the Merchant Hall.

Name: Gynice Elbene, Race: Breton, Class: Priest, Gender: Female
Summary: The main, and really only, priest at the ModTown temple, Gynice Elbene oversees all of the various faith alters and pews, making sure each section is properly cared for. Although technically a priestess of the Nine Divines, Gynice is what you would call a true-believer in religion itself, and supports all beliefs equally, even the strange and mysterious ways of the Dunmer and the sometimes brutish methods of the Daedric worshippers. All are welcome in her temple, so long as they keep the peace and are mindful of those with different beliefs, though there's some rumors that say that, far from being just a priestess of the Divines, Gynice has also dabbled in Daedra worship herself, but there's no telling if there's any truth to that.

The Esteemed Alit Inn:
Name: Malvie Selotal, Race: Breton, Class: Publican, Gender: Female
Summary: Malvie Selotal is the proprietor of the Esteemed Alit Inn in central ModTown. A self-made woman with a successful business and prime real-estate along ModTown's City Square, Malvie has made a small fortune with a number of employees working directly under her. Despite her wealth, she lives modestly, keeping a small room on the property as her only home. As a result, she rarely leaves the inn and can be seen tending the bar at practically all hours. A bit of a socialite, and a long time resident of ModTown, she's keen on all of the latest news and gossip going about town, and knows much about the resident modders.
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Re: ModTown 2015 - NPC Main Cast - Profiles and Background
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2016, 06:39:03 PM »
Regarding Covelga Arrenix, would she take on the role of Socucius Ergalla in the Seyda Neen?