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Wretched Fetcher - at your service
« on: September 05, 2015, 03:23:16 PM »
Hello guys,

There's not much to tell about me, in regards to Morrowind internet community. For a long time I haven't known that such community is even a thing. Then I've been lurker for some years, changed many accounts due to lost passwords and frustration with forum names I picked (yeah, I'm so "good" at this). I do a little modding - I like to take mods by other people and modify them for my needs. Right now I'm involved in Morrowind Modding Wiki (check my signature for details), which I see as my contribution to people who gave me many months, if not years, of enjoyment. That's because my sense of justice dictates me to give back something in return for what I have got myself.

I am not a native English speaker, and I don't live in an English-speaking country, so I tend to make sad orphographical and grammatical mistakes, especially when in hurry, - for this I am begging your pardon in advance. Also, sometimes my posts may seem quirky, esoteric or funny, or even offensive (though I try hard to avoid the latter) - this is also due to me being an outlander foreigner. Please never take offence, because I never mean it - I am actually quite good-natured man. I also tend to mix English and American phrases a lot, because the former I've been taught at school and university, and the letter is the language I hear the most at work. I think it can also sound pretty funny - but the difference between them is so delicate that it is quite difficult for me to grasp it.

I also can get a bit too personal or emotional, and can also shitpost post replies without putting enough thought in them - in this case please just don't pay attention.

I am looking forward to make some good contributions to the project! It is developing really well so far - all thanks to DarkElfGuy and Melchior Dahrk, and you, of course!
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Re: Wretched Fetcher - at your service
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