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Public Building Claim Guidelines - Please Read!
« on: July 13, 2015, 05:14:19 PM »
Public Building Claims - Guideline
Public buildings are any non-modder plot claims in ModTown, and at the moment, we have a few dozen buildings in this category. Some already have exteriors, but most do not, so it'll be up to each modder involved to decide the architectural style and design of each building.

Now public buildings include NPC homes, shops, guilds, taverns, and various other public venues. For most of the major claims will be made available with threads here on this forum board, and a modder can claim one of these buildings by simply posting a "Claim" in the related thread.

You can also create new threads for various NPC houses or shops. Since we have dozens of NPC homes and shops planned for ModTown, these won't have pre-made threads, and you're free to go ahead and throw something together, pretty much any decent-quality interiors will be accepted and you can go with a variety of architectural styles if you so desire.

Please note that, like modder claims, you can also include documents, quests, NPCs, and dungeons with a public building claim if you so desire.

Thread Titles:
[Open Claim] - Means the claim is currently open for anyone to take.
[Claimed] - Means the claim is currently taken by another modder (example [Claimed] Imperial Tavern - Darkelfguy)
[House Claim] - This is the title you'd use if you're posting a new NPC house claim (example [House Claim] Common Imperial Home - Darkelfguy)
[Shop Claim] - This is the title you'd use if you're posting a new shop claim (example [Shop Claim] Common Imperial Trader - Darkelfguy)

When you submit a new house or shop claim, in the topic post please specify the type of house or shop you're planning to build, along with any other information you'd like to share (such as ideas or designs).

Due to time constraints and our effort to get ModTown 2015 finished in December, we do require that you post a progress report on any public building claims at least once a month (though the progress doesn't need to be much, just proof that you're working on it). For the larger public building claims that involve multiple interiors, it is recommended to consider working with other modders if possible to speed up the process.

You can download the ModTown 2015 main file here to get started.
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