Author Topic: [Book/poem] The Lovers' Guilt  (Read 823 times)


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[Book/poem] The Lovers' Guilt
« on: July 20, 2015, 04:46:43 PM »
Book title: The Lover's Guilt.
Author: Deandre
Skill: none.

She stood on the cold stone
Of her lover's tomb.
Tears stain darken fabric,
Echoes lost in the silence,
Never to be heard.

He knelt on the barren floor
Of his lover's bed.
Unwept tears struggling
To break the dam of his feelings.
Held back by longing.

Two souls reaching for another,
Faithfulness unrewarded,
Affections unreturned,
A secret shame shared,
But not acknowledged.

I long to tell them
The one they seek
Waits in the next room.
A shame revealed
Is a shame cleansed.

But they would not listen,
Each trapped in their guilt;
Never knowing it is a garment
Only of their choosing,
Best left discarded.

So I sit here every day,
Watching their private
Dramas play their tune.
Longing for a change of melody
And that of cast.

Yet I am consigned here,
Doomed to watch this play
Unfold along its familiar path,
Barred from interfering,
'Lest I change the tune.