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ModTown 2015 FAQ
« on: July 20, 2015, 12:23:51 PM »
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a ModTown?
A: The primary purpose of a ModTown is to sort of add an in-game representation of the Morrowind community in a town-like setting. Modders can claim plots, build houses, and inhabit them with their modder avatars. These avatars can talk about the mods each author has produced, or discuss modding strategies, or anything else. Likewise, mod-users can throw together an NPC with some dialogue that can be placed about town, and all of this serves to give a way for the player to interact with the community, as it was in 2015, in-game.

Q: When is ModTown going to be released?
A: The goal of ModTown is to capture the essence of the Morrowind Modding Community in 2015, so we plan to get ModTown released by the end of December.

Q: What can I contribute to ModTown?
A: Pretty much anything you can think of, from creative writing to quest ideas, from interior design to NPC creation, we need just about everything for this project. If you're up for doing a bit of modding, you can claim a modder plot or one of the public buildings we have available, or if you're not really comfortable with the CS, you can write documents, books, or dialogue we can port into the mod, or even just create an NPC avatar for yourself.

Q: What is a Modder Plot and how do I claim one?
A: A modder plot is a numbered plot where you can build a home for your modder avatar. It doesn't necessarily have to be a house of course, it could be a shop, dungeon, submarine, or anything else you can imagine. A modder plot can also include any number of NPCs, quests, or documents that you want to include. To claim one, simply check out the map in the modder plots guideline thread and find a numbered plot you want to claim. Check out the Modder Claims forum for any threads that might have already claimed the plot you want, and if none exist, go ahead and make a new thread claiming that plot. Of course, you might have an idea for something that doesn't fit on a traditional plot, like a massive underground dungeon that your avatar lives in, or a sea-faring vessel or an airship, and if that's the case, go ahead and set up a claim thread without worrying about the whole numbered plots thing. Just let us know where you'd like to build your modder claim, like a houseboat, and we'll make sure there's no conflicts with any other existing modder claims and give you the go ahead. Once you're done with your claim, just upload it into a new post using the file attachment system, and it'll be merged into the ModTown master file.

Q: Can I use modder resources in my claims?
A: Yes, you can use any modder resources you want, though we do require that you keep some form of documentation tracking what resources you're using so that we'll be able to provide a full credits list when the mod is complete. If you're using resources on the exterior part of your claim, you should make a resource request thread in the appropriately named resource request forums just to make sure there's no major clash with neighbors in terms of resources used.

Q: What are Public Building claims and how can I claim one?
A: A public building claim is a claim for a specific type of building in a specific location, such as a shop, house, or a building with a particular function like a Gambling Den, Mage's Guild, or Bathhouse. Each public building already has a thread setup for it, explaining what the building is, how high of a priority it is for the project (the higher the priority the more important it is to finish in a timely manner), and a screenshot of the building's location. To claim one, you'd simply make a post in that thread saying "Claim" and an admin will be along to confirm the claim shortly. After that, you're free to design the building however you want, including the use of modder resources, NPCs, quests, or perhaps hidden dungeons. How the building is designed is entirely up to you. Once you're finished, just upload a file attached to your post and it'll be merged into ModTown's master file.

Q: Where can I submit creative writing, and what type of writing can I submit?
A: You can submit creative writing of any kind in our NPCs and Books department, and for the most part, we'll accept just about anything in the writing department. Books that explore TES lore, fictional accounts about adventures, references to mods and modders, a personal journal of your own character's experiences in Morrowind, or just various notes and documents left by the residents of ModTown. Any of that is perfectly acceptable and can be used in the project! You can also submit unique dialogue and dialogue topics for the citizens of ModTown, or perhaps a unique NPC you've come up with, will talk about. You don't need to know how to insert the dialogue in-game, we'll handle that on our end, all you have to do is write it and submit it!

Q: If I have an idea for a quest, where can I post it?
A: You can post any ideas you have for quests down in the Quest Design and Implementation forum. This is a great way to help contribute to the project, because even if you don't know how to write dialogue or make mods, you might come up with some great ideas that our quest designers can then use to help populate our island with a ton of interesting quests for the player.

Q: What if I have a quest or dungeon I want to build, but don't want to include it with a modder claim or public building?
A: In this case, you'd post a new thread with your quest design or your idea for a dungeon in the Quest Design and Implementation forum board and Dungeon Design and Implementation forum board respectively. Dungeons can still include quests, of course, but the idea behind the Dungeons section is to focus primarily on the dungeon interiors. Melchior can build an exterior location for the dungeon in the ModTown master file once you've started, so you only really need to worry about the interiors. You can also include NPCs, creatures, scripted traps, or anything else you can think of in your dungeons. For quest designs, you can include any dialogue, NPCs, or scripts used to make the quest. If you want, you can also include interiors, but for the most part, these should be miscellaneous quests that use pre-existing locations around ModTown.

Q: What is the main quest for ModTown?
A: The main quest for ModTown revolves around the Community Consortium, a faction dedicated to handling relations between modders and their community, providing for modder needs, and allocating resources for expanding the city of ModTown and bringing new modders to the island. As such, the main quest involves a massive expansion of ModTown, with new residents, shops and other services, but also involves a gradual threat growing in the background from the Assembler, a modder living in the nearby mountain with an obsession with crafting demonic-like bone creatures that have gotten loose and threaten to destroy ModTown. These bone creatures also serve to highlight tensions between modders and their non-modder neighbors, who suspect this latest disaster is due entirely to modders meddling with things that are best left alone, and amidst all of this will wade in the player, who'll work their ways up through the ranks in the Consortium and make some tough decisions to try and save ModTown. The main quest involves branching choices, which could ultimately lead to a vastly different landscape for ModTown, and consequences for the final confrontation with the Assembler.

Q: That all sounds pretty cool, but how can I contribute to the main quest?
A: The main quest is designed to be modular, so different parts of it can be made by different modders. You can check out the full main quest document here, and you'll find individual main quest claims available in the Quest Design and Implementation forums that you can go ahead and claim if one strikes your fancy. Note that you don't need to know how to make quests to claim a main quest part, all you need to do is write some of the dialogue and post your ideas for the quest and we'll take that and see that it's properly implemented. Many of these quests deal with modder avatars, so your dialogue and quests should reflect your modder avatar's personality a little bit.

Q: How does this all work exactly, how do all of these individual parts become a single mod?
A: It's pretty simple really, every time someone finishes and posts a claim, we take that claim and merge it into the ModTown master file after a brief review process. We make a few fixes after merging, like connecting interiors to the appropriate exteriors, placing NPCs in desired locations, and making sure everything has path grids. Once everything is plugged into place, we update the ModTown master file and post it under Melchior's exterior claim in the Modder forum board for people to download and check out. A lot of the final polishing up will be done once all of the claims for ModTown 2015 are submitted, and hopefully we'll have a finished and functioning mod released before the end of 2015 in December.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Post them below, and we'll try and answer them as best we can!
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