Morrowind Modathon – The Mod of the Month Awards 2016

Our second annual Morrowind May Modathon Month modding competition, celebrating Morrowind’s 14th anniversary, has officially come to an end, and what a competition it was! We doubled the number of mods released for the competition from last year, with 29 mods submitted in total by 21 different modders, adding new towns, gameplay features, quests, dungeons, and much more to this fantastic game! Without a doubt this was a very successful modding competition, in fact it’s one of the most successful modding competition in Elder Scrolls modding history, which really just goes to show how active the Morrowind modding community really is!

Of course, as with any modding competition, we do have a few winning mods today that were picked by you guys in our popular vote to win the Mod of the Month award! Ultimately, Bal Isra Rising By Dagoth Agahnim came in first for the Mod of the Month award, with Scamp Replacer by PeterBitt and Pherim coming in second and Belial – A Dismal Daedric Companion coming in third. All three are good mods, and there were several other great mods released as part of the Modathon, and you can find a link to a breakdown (with download links) for all mods released as part of the competition here.

The music in this video is from the Morrowind Music Overdose collection by Jon Babb, Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal, with additional music by Epidemic Sound.

Thank you all so much for another successful and stunning competition, here’s to another year of Morrowind, and I hope to see you all for the 3rd Annual Morrowind Modathon next year!

Morrowind May Modathon Month 2016 – Celebrating 14 Years of Morrowind!

In the early days of May 2002, a little game came out called The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It would go on to save Bethesda Softworks from bankruptcy, sell millions of copies, and become the most popular game for modding at the turn of the century. Now, 14 years later, over 22,000 mods have been released for Morrowind with the modding community still going strong.

In order to celebrate the 14th Anniversary of Morrowind, we’re doing something special, we’re holding the second annual May Modathon Month! Throughout the entire month of May, participating modders on the Nexus, TAL and GHF who submit Morrowind mods could get a chance to win indie or AAA games each week. Likewise, all participating mods will be entered to win the Mod of the Month Award, with a ton of games as a prize.

Not only that, but all winners will get trailers, special showcases, and numerous video features on Morrowind Modding Showcases. And the winner of the Mod of the Month award will naturally get their mod featured in our Mod of the Month series, celebrating the best mods released each month for Morrowind.

You can participate by leaving a short note in the mod description page at Morrowind Nexus and GHF that includes “Part of the May Modathon Month”. Remember, this only applies to mods released in May, so let’s all get to modding and make this the 14th Anniversary that Morrowind deserves!

For more information about the rules of Modathon Month and how you can participate, check out our forum threads on Morrowind Nexus, The Assimilation Lab, and Great House Fliggerty

Morrowind Mod of the Month – January 2016

The results are in, and the Mod of the Month for January 2016 has been decided! This time around we have a number of different mods, from Redoran war armor, to Waffle centurions and Limeware retextures, there were a lot of great mods released in January and these are some quite notable ones! A new poll to decide the best mods of February 2016 is now live, which you can find here!

Our mod of the month for January 2016 is Redoran War Armor and Sathil Mercenary Equipment by Ashtaar, a mod that adds two new armor sets and a small quest to the game, and these are armor sets done in the Dunmeri style with a lot of the artistic styling that you’d expect from Dunmeri culture, and it’s a really very immersive mod that fits in perfectly with what you can already find in Morrowind.

Second choice for mod of the month is Waffle Warfare by Melchior Dahrk, a crazy comedy-styled mod that adds a ton of breakfast related items and weapons to the game, and of course waffles galore, including a Dwemer waffle launcher that you can use to defeat your foes in combat. There’s also a bunch of waffle easter-eggs added to the game as well, and it’s just a fun mod to check out.

Finally, our third choice for Mod of the Month is Long Live the Limeware – Retexture By Anarkhya, a vanilla-friendly and immersive texture replacer for the limeware items in the game, giving them high-resolution and detailed textures that emphasize their ancient origins, making them feel like artifacts from long ago, and these textures just fit in perfectly with vanilla Morrowind.

Morrowind Modding Interviews – Zini of OpenMW – Progress Interview

In this week’s interview we’re talking with Zini again, the project lead on OpenMW, the new game fan-created game engine for Morrowind, and this is mostly a progress update interview talking about everything that’s changed with OpenMW since we last spoke in December of 2014, as well as the recent multiplayer updates and the recent move to the OpenSceneGraph rendering engine.

A full list of projects that Zini is working on is included below.

OpenMW on YouTube
Ultima IX on YouTube

List of Projects:
Ultima IX: Redemption

Skyrim – Reaches of the North Trailer

The northern province of Skyrim, home of the Nords and numerous ancient civilizations, is a land that has often been wrought with conflict. None more so than the territory known as the Reach in western Skyrim, where Hammerfall and High Rock share often contentious borders with the Nords, occasionally exchanging cities and towns in this borderland during any of a number of minor battles and wars. Aside from the frequent conflict however, the Reach is a beautiful and harsh landscape of dense forests, towering mountains, and shallow rivers. The region is also home to more than a few settlements, including the trade-city of Karthwasten, an old town that still bares the scars of both recent and ancient conflicts, and the small village of Karthgad can be found in the middle of the Vorndgad Forest, a lush and beautiful terrain of hidden glades and tree-covered hills. Aside from these chief settlements however, one can find many small holds of Nords and Reachmen living in the hills and forests of the Reach, not to mention the ancient ruins of the Direnni, which can be seen for miles around due to their towering fortifications. The Reach is certainly a territory constantly in flux, lands change hands, and cities come and go, but for all its conflict, this is an awe-inspiring land of beauty well worth a visit.

Parts of Vorndgad Forest can be visited today as part of Skyrim – Home of the Nord’s first alpha release, though it’s important to note that this is a fairly out-dated release, and pretty much everything from that early version has been changed. Currently the SHOTN team is looking to make a major release that includes the new version of Vorndgad Forest, with the towns of Karthgad and Karthwasten included, sometime in the near future, so stay tuned to their website for more information!

With that said, Skyrim – Home of the Nords needs more modders, especially to work on the cities of Markarth and Dragonstar, so if you want to help out, head on over to Project Tamriel and join the team!

You can read up on the Lore and History of SHOTN’s Reach here.

The music in this trailer is “Journey’s End 3” by composer Jon Bjork from Epidemic Sound.

Morrowind Modding Showcases – Episode 45

Today we have the 45th episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases, featuring 13 more mods for your viewing pleasure! Investigate new towns, become a partner in a beach resort venture, create your own slave army, and much more in this week’s episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
Popular Mod of the Week – Daedric Ruins Bump Mapped By Lougian 
House Mod of the Week – Seyda Neen House By MrAA
Gameplay Mod of the Week – Live Free By Apoapse 
Town Mod of the Week – Arkngthand 2.0 By Ragox
Items Mod of the Week – OAAB Armor Preview By Melchior Dahrk 
Quests Mod of the Week – Rift – A Unique Town Mod By MatthewTheBagel
Landmass Mod of the Week – Ushindra Beach By The Pixie
NPC Mod of the Week – Primal By Arsonide
New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Stav’s Boxes – Pelagiad Keep By Stavroguin 
Modder’s Resource Mod of the Week – Kite’s Rug Resource By Kiteflyer61
Underrated Mod of the Week – Shallit Hideout By Istreddify
Blast from the Past Mod of the Week – Arena and The Rusty Swordsman By Illtempered 
Bonus Mod of the Week – Gnisis Waterfront By Crankgorilla

Oblivion House Mod Hunters – Episode 2

Today we have the second episode of Oblivion House Mod Hunters, looking at three more house mods around the province of Cyrodiil. This time around we’re mostly looking at rustic and remote homes, such as farmsteads, mountain-top estates, and hidden underground lairs. As always, if you have any suggestions for house mods you’d like to see covered in the future, please do post them below!

Popular House Mod of the Week – Millstone Farm By Korana
New House Mod of the Week – Pinewood Manor By Themage
Underrated House Mod of the Week – The Well of Lost Souls By Yevic

Morrowind Modding Interviews – CowGuru

For this week’s episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews, we’re talking with CowGuru, the renowned author of the popular satire comedic mods Muffinwind and Snakes on a Plane…of Oblivion, and during this episode, we talk a lot about where CowGuru got his crazy ideas for Muffinwind and Snakes on a Plane, as well as go on a bit of a nostalgia trip about the Morrowind Modding Community’s past and where the community’s headed going into the future.

A full list of mods that CowGuru has worked on can be found below:

Morrowind Mods:
Muffinwind Enhanced Edition
Muffinwind (Old Version)
Snakes on a Plane…of Oblivion
Jiub Companion

Morrowind Modding Trailers – Mora Stada – A Telvanni Town Mod

Today for Morrowind Modding Trailers, we’re showing off Mora Stada, a Telvanni town mod by John Meckem (aka Bahamutskingdom) that adds a lovely Telvanni village on its own little island just off the coast of Tel Branora. Part of a large wave of Telvanni town mods that were released towards the tail-end of 2015, Mora Stada provides a scenic locale with a couple dozen shops, homes, manors and taverns for you to explore, not to mention a massive wizard’s tower that doubles as a player home, with dozens of services, such as a complete alchemy sorter, for your convenience. Of course, there’s a lot more to Mora Stada than what’s on the surface, and you’ll find a number of interesting and unique locations underneath this pleasant little island.

If you’re a fan of Telvanni cities or just like playing a Telvanni character, I recommend giving Mora Stada a try, and you can download it today from the Nexus!

The music in this trailer is “A Fair Tale 2” By Jon Bjork from Epidemic Sound.

Oblivion Modding Showcases – Episode 2

Today we finally have the second episode of Oblivion Modding Showcases, showing off 10 different mods in 10 different categories! This week’s episode has a bit of a pirate theme, with major quest mods, pirate ships, new companions, and harbor cities to explore!

Order of Mods and Their Download Links:
Popular Mod of the Week – Anvil Bay Expansion By Jlf2n
House Mod of the Week – The Warrior Wanderer Ship Player Home By VikingII 
Gameplay Mod of the Week – Side’s Sailing Ships By Side777
Town Mod of the Week – Eastbrink Town By Antiscamp
Items Mod of the Week – Passenger Ships of Cyrodiil By Comespm 
Quests Mod of the Week – The Golden Crest – A Major Pirate Quest By Kafana – Nikola Luburic 
Landmass Mod of the Week – Barbada Island By Awia and Rebel 
NPC Mod of the Week – A CM Partner Pirate Captain Dante DeRavon By Divine Avenger 
New Meshes and Textures Mod of the Week – Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2 By Nuska
Underrated Mod of the Week – Pirate Island -Da Mage- By Da Mage 

The Home of Morrowind Modding Showcases on YouTube