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Morrowind Modding Interviews gives the modders of the Morrowind community a voice, with new interviews airing every week and giving you an inside peak into the modding process.

Morrowind Modding Interviews – Stuporstar

In this week’s interview, we’re talking with Stuporstar, the author behind the extremely popular Uvirith’s Legacy, as well as The Tea Mod and Myron Reducto’s Shrinkwand. She’s also working on writing a few novels, and some of her past mods include the critically underrated Books of Vvardenfell. During this interview, we discuss how Stuporstar got started with modding, what her inspirations for her novels are, and what projects she’s currently working on (such as the new version of Uvirith’s Legacy).

A full list of mods that Stuporstar has released is included below:
Stuporstar’s Website

Morrowind Mods:
Uvirith’s Legacy
Books of Vvardenfell
The Tea Mod
Myron Reducto’s Shrinkwand
ST Wearable Towels
Get Fezzed!
Crate Texture Resource
Rincewind’s Luggage
Animated Targets and Practice Dummies
Twisted Forks
Strikers 2.0 to 3.0 Upgrader
Stuporstar’s Functional Dice
Dark Uvirith Exterior
Packguar Advanced
Beautiful Books Volume I: Grimoires
Dark Uvirith Exterior BuUG
ST Forges, Fireplaces and Grinders Resource
Mesh Improvements Optimized
Quest Tweaks and Alternatives
ST Alchemy

Morrowind Modding Interviews – MikeandIke

This week we’re talking to MikeandIke, the author behind the Epic series of mods, including Epic Balmora, Epic Ald-Ruhn, and Epic Sadrith Mora. He’s also done a couple of texture replacer mods and the Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind. In this interview we discuss MikeandIke’s inspirations, where he sees the community going in the coming years, and also his latest projects, including the highly anticipated Epic Tree Stumps mod.

We’ll be releasing a new interview every Wednesday, so check in every week to hear from your favorite modders!

A full list of mods that MikeandIke has released is included below:
MikeandIke’s YouTube Channel

Morrowind Mods:
Epic Balmora
Epic Ald Ruhn
Epic Sadrith Mora
Vivec and Velothi Retexture
Imperial Forts Retexture
Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind
Animated Main Menu for Morrowind

Skyrim Mods:
Better Daedric Blades
Dwemer Metal Ruins

Morrowind Modding Interviews – Scrawl of OpenMW

In this week’s interview we’re talking with Scrawl, one of the main programmers for OpenMW, the new fan-created game engine for Morrowind. During this interview, we discuss the progress of OpenMW, whether or not we’ll see the 1.0 release this year, and what features that Scrawl is looking forward to implementing post-1.0.

We’ll be releasing a new interview every Wednesday, so check in every week to hear from your favorite modders!

A full list of projects that Scrawl is working on is included below:

OpenMW on YouTube

Morrowind Modding Interviews – Scamp

In this week’s interview we’re talking with Scamp, project developer and head of exteriors with Province: Cyrodiil and also Skyrim – Home of the Nords, both of which are massive province mods that have recently come under the same banner during the recent province union.

During this interview, we discuss the recent progress at Province: Cyrodiil (including when we might see a new release), as well as the work that Scamp has done for Tamriel Rebuilt in the past, and the recent Province Union with Project Tamriel that has brought Skyrim, Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, and High Rock under the same banner.

A full list of projects that Scamp is working on is included below:
Scamp’s Blog

Province: Cyrodiil on YouTube
Skyrim – Home of the Nords on YouTube

List of Projects:
Project Tamriel (Home of Skyrim, Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Project Outreach)

Skyrim – Home of the Nords
Downloadable Releases

Province: Cyrodiil
Downloadable Releases

Morrowind Modding Interviews – Darknut

In this week’s episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews, we’re talking to Darknut, long-time member of the community and author behind popular mods such as Darknut’s Greater Dwemer Ruins. During this interview, we talk about Darknut’s current projects, including Greater Dwemer Ruins version 2, and where Darknut has drawn inspiration from for his mods.

A full list of mods that Darknut has released is included below:
Darknut’s Website

Morrowind Mods:
Darknut’s Greater Dwemer Ruins
Darknut’s Adamantium Claymore Replacement
Darknut’s Creature TexturesDarknut’s Creature Textures TB
Darknut’s Creature Textures BM
Darknut’s Creature Textures Addendum
Darknut’s Creatures 9 Textures
Darknut’s Morrowind Crafting 2.1 Textures
Darknut’s Carrot Weapons Mod
Darknut’s Umbra Sword
Darknut’s Dwemer Ruins Textures
Darknut’s Better Clothes Textures
Darknut’s Little Weapons Mod Complete
Darknut’s Armor Textures 1024
Darknut’s Divine Domina Armor Textures 1024
Darknut’s 1st Person Enhanced
Darknut’s 1st Person Helms
Darknut’s HD Start Menu Movie
Darknut’s HD Splash Screens
Darknut’s Greater Dwemer Ruins Resource Pack
Darknut’s Companion Mod
Ice Blade of the Monarch

The music in this episode is from a remix of the Morrowind theme done by Darknut.You can downloadDarknut’s music here