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Morrowind’s Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles Trailer

Lyithdonea, the isles of Dusk and Dawn, a scenic paradise of tropical jungles, peaceful waterways, ancient strongholds and bamboo forests. This eastern most region of the territorial lands of the Dunmer and Morrowind is home to Azura City, a massive metropolis that dominates the center of these Azurian Isles, where merchants from two continents trade wares in the street and priests of Azura worship from the temples. Outside this regional hub of activity is a beautiful landscape of mountains, jungles, swamps, and bamboo forests where small Velothian towns and Dunmer strongholds dot the shorelines, with ancient Daedric shrines poking out from the skyline.

A land of both beauty and danger, the Azurian Isles are home to some of the most awe-inspiring landmarks you’re like to find in Tamriel, like the gardens of the isles of the dawn, or the temples of Starmount Mountain, but these isles are also home to numerous dangers, from the dragons that ply the skies to the smugglers and Daedric cultists that make the numerous cracks and crevasses of this rough terrain their home. Regardless of what you’ll find in Lyithdonea, one thing is sure, adventure awaits around every corner, with new marvels to gawk at and new foes to defeat, you’ll find it all in the Azurian Isles!

Lytihdonea – The Azurian Isles is a project created by Melchior Dahrk, and currently the mod project is in an Alpha state, with exteriors mostly complete and some interiors and hostile NPCs in place, but Melchior’s currently looking for help with this massive project, and if you’re interested in chipping in an interior or two, you can make a submission at Project Tamriel!

You can read more about Lyithdonea here.

The music in this video is “Rise of the Phoenix 2” By Johannes Bornlof, and you can download it from Epidemic Sound.

Tamriel Rebuilt – The Beauty of Almalexia Trailer

Almalexia, City of Light, City of Magic, Capital of Morrowind and home to the largest urban population center east of the Imperial City. Almalexia is a sprawling and massive city in the shape of a ring, with Mournhold, the capital’s inner city, at the heart of it all. Named after the Goddess of Love and the Lady of Mercy, this is the city of Almalexia’s home, residing in the central temple compound, a deity among mortals. Far from being just the seat of Almalexia’s throne and the capital of Morrowind, the city of Almalexia also serves as the center of Great House Indoril and their vast, though dwindling, domains.

A city of beauty, as well as religion, culture, and the arts, thousands flock to this great capital of the Dunmer. Pilgrims come from all parts of Morrowind to worship at Almalexia’s temples, students come to learn at the city’s grand schools, and citizens from all over the Empire come to trade, tour and explore this massive and ancient capital. From the sights and sounds of Almalexia’s busy waterways and canals, to the ringing of temple bells and merchant’s scales, and the beauty of Almalexia’s gardens and parks, this is one grand city that provides numerous views and scenic overlooks that are well worth a visit.

Tamriel Rebuilt released Mournhold as a part of the Tamriel Rebuilt Version 15.10 Release in October of 2015. The city of Almalexia is currently exteriors only, with no interiors, quests, or NPCs yet in place, and the Tamriel Rebuilt team has announced plans to scrape the current version of the city and start over with a fresh slate. Still, if you want to help out with this massive project and contribute to one of the oldest continuously worked on mod projects in Morrowind’s history, why not head over totheir website and join the team today?

You can download Tamriel Rebuilt’s latest release here and visit their YouTube channel here.

Morrowind Modding 2015 – Year in Review Trailer

In 2015 Morrowind turned 13 years old, yet instead of slowing down, the Morrowind modding community was more active in 2015 than in 2014, releasing over 500 new mods created by hundreds of different modders! From new dungeons to landmasses, quests, and everything in between, 2015 was an extremely active year for the community! And not only that, 2015 saw the release of several major projects, like Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles and Tamriel Rebuilt’s Almalexia, adding countless hours of new content to the game, and projects like ModTown 2015 promise to bring much more in 2016! Even after 13 years, there’s still a lot of love being poured into this amazing game!

This trailer provides a mere snapshot of the mods released in 2015, and we couldn’t possibly cover all of them, but we’ve covered as many as we could in under four minutes!

Mods By Order of Appearance:
Love in the Time of Daedra By HangHimHigher
Yet Another Retexture – Imperial Edition By Erikaimar
RR Mod Series – Holamayan Monastery Replacer By Resdayn Revival Team
Imperial Houses and Forts Retexture – Ordo Arkitektora By Tyddy
Asmodeus Island By King Moyer TrulyOriginalArtCom
Nix-Hound Replacer By PeterBitt and Pherim
Tower of Vos By Melchior Dahrk
Dagon Fel Updated By HedgeHog12
Nerevarine Urshilaku Tent By Princess Stomper
Waterfront Shack By Sid
YAPHM (Yet Another Portable House Mod) By Tizzo
Forested Reside a Player Home By MatthewTheBagel
Prison Island By JMK
Witch House By Fox aka CandyGrl24
RR Mod Series – Better Ships and Boats By Resdayn Revival Team
Blades Safe House By Lythoc
Lush Ascadian Isles By Flash3113
Lyithdonea – The Azurian Isles By Melchior Dahrk
Corgi Companion By Melchior Dahrk
Shack with Caverns By Woodlandist
WonderWind By King Moyer TrulyOriginalArtCom
Village of Tel Fyr By Hlaalu66
Morrowind Rebirth 3.5 By Trancemaster
Tamriel Rebuilt – City of Almalexia By the Tamriel Rebuilt Team
Tel Rerandris A Telvanni Town and Cozy Player Home By MatthewTheBagel
Cliffracer Replacer By PeterBitt and Pherim
Strange Grove By JMK
Syrinx By Ken Cotterill
Wey’s Argonians By Wey
Stronghold Retexture By Flash3113
Ayleid Remnants By JMK
Epic Dagon Fel By MikeandIke
Tel Morgana By Ferian
Telvanni – Arkitektora of Vvardenfell By Tyddy
R-Zero’s Creatorium Part 1 – Waters and Shores By R-Zero (Reizeron)
ModTown 2015 – AutoClock’s Airship By the ModTown 2015 Team
Mora Stada By John Meckem
Tympany By Illuminiel

All of these mods can be downloaded from Morrowind Nexus, Great House Fliggerty, the TR Website, and JMK’s personal webpage.

The music in this video is “Rise of the Phoenix 3” By Johannes Bornlof, and you can download it fromEpidemic Sound here.

Thanks to the entire Morrowind Modding Community for keeping this awesome game alive! Here’s to 13 more years of Morrowind modding! Happy 2015 everyone, let’s make 2016 even better!

Morrowind ModTown 2015 – The Official 2016 Trailer

Morrowind ModTown 2015, a project for the community, by the community, celebrating the amazing modding community that we have here for Morrowind! The first ModTown in nearly a decade, ModTown 2015 aims to bring everyone together, modders and non-modders alike, to build a monument to our wonderful Morrowind Modding Community that’ll stand the test of time and celebrate the amazing things we can accomplish when we all work to build one massive mod!

ModTown 2015 aims to provide a unique and creative experience for all involved, with dozens of quests, dungeons, and exciting new activities for the player to do! And you don’t need to be a modder to help out! All you need to do is come up with ideas, provide creative writing, or generate discussion! There’s plenty for everyone to get involved and make ModTown 2015 a reality!

From massive epic sized dungeons, to Dwemer airships that ply the skies, ModTown 2015 is all about the creative accomplishments that modders can make, and there are no limits to what you can do, whether you build a floating tower, or construct dungeons made out of bones, or create an island of fire and ice, all are welcome in ModTown 2015! Embrace the madness, join us in unleashing one of the most creative and insane modding projects to be made for Morrowind!

You can learn more about this project, and how to help out, at our forums, and you can check out ourscreenshot gallery for progress on the project! Want to play the current build of ModTown? You’ll find the current version available here (but needless to say it’s incomplete).

The music in this video is “Lord of Dance 04” By Johannes Bornlof, and you can download it from Epidemic Sound.

Visions of Morrowind – Dagon Fel Trailer

Dagon Fel, a city mired in the mixture of old and new, with Imperial dwellings springing up amidst the ruins of ancient Dwemeri settlements. This quaint and quiet little town on Vvardenfell’s northern reaches is perhaps the one place that captures so perfectly the essence of Morrowind. Thick in atmosphere and history, Dagon Fel calls to adventurers and explorers far and wide to scale and delve the ruins that surround this humble city, sitting at the end of the world and the end of civilization itself. Beyond these meager shacks lies danger and the wilds of an untamed land rife with the relics of the past, not to mention the beauty of an alien world come alive with many strange and unique sights to see.

There are many visions and versions of Dagon Fel, as one might expect from a city that so conjures the imagination. From minor alterations and small added details, to full on overhauls that change the architectural style and makeup of this fair town, to epic additions that enhance the visual flair of Dagon Fel’s surroundings. All of these are both different cities and the same, for there are many visions of Dagon Fel, and all are equally true and real. Which is the true Dagon Fel for you, however, is entirely for you to decide!

Visions of Morrowind is a new trailer series designed not to look at just one mod, but several mods that make or change certain cities and landscapes in Morrowind. Combining footage of each version and editing it all together, you can see the many visions that modders have for this amazing game that inspires so much for the imagination, and from there you can decide which vision best fits your needs for your own game, assuming you don’t just decide to make your own unique vision for yourself! If you have any suggestions for what town or city to cover next, please leave a comment below and I’ll get to it in the next trailer!

In this trailer, we take a look at four different versions of Dagon Fel provided by four different mods, as listed below. Please note that, obviously, all of these mods conflict with each other and CANNOT be played at the same time on the same savegame.

Dagon Fel Updated By HedgeHog12
Epic Dagon Fel By MikeandIke
More Detailed Places 2013 By Zaldir and Ragox
Morrowind Rebirth By Trancemaster

The music in this trailer is  “Lord of Dance 03” By Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

Morrowind Rebirth – Version 3.4 Release Trailer

Today we’re celebrating the recent release of Morrowind Rebirth’s 3.4 version with a new trailer that takes yet another look at this fantastic re-imagining of the island of Vvardenfell, providing all new experiences in the familiar setting of Morrowind!

Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered.

This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Experience the world of Morrowind in a new light, try out Morrowind Rebirth today!

Download At:
Morrowind Nexus

Dramatic Vivec – Dawn of the Cantons Trailer

Vivec, the city of a Poet God, home to political power for the elite and religious devotion for the masses. This, the largest and grandest city on Vvardenfell, has always been spartan and empty, with cantons lacking decoration and distinction. Hardly the appearance of a bustling city of commercial, political and religious importance that Vivec claims to be.

But with Dramatic Vivec, you can finally see this city of cantons, this capital of temples, as it should have been. Bustling markets, ornate shrines, and gardens dedicated to the faith. This is Vivec as it should be, full of life, devotion and commerce, with beautiful sights to see as is only worthy a city that plays home to a God.

You can download Dramatic Vivec by TheInkBunny today from the Nexus.

Also seen in this trailer is MikeandIke’s Vivec and Velothi Retexture, and Spirithawke’s Prison Moon Enhanced II, both are highly recommended to be played with Dramatic Vivec!

The music in this trailer is “Legendary Walk 1” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

Tamriel Rebuilt – Fields of Helnim Trailer

The Fields of Helnim, a landscape of gently rolling hills and plains in eastern Morrowind, are a welcome reprieve for the weary traveler. Occupying a small stretch of land between the Boethian and Mephalain Mountain ranges, the Fields of Helnim are one of the more populated regions of eastern Morrowind, with a landscape settled by peaceful farms and plantations, with larger towns and cities dotting the coastline.

A predominately Telvanni controlled territory, the Fields of Helnim are named after the Imperial city of Helnim, the largest town in the region. It’s here in Helnim where one sees the rare mix of Imperial and Telvanni architecture side-by-side, as the city is composed of a number of districts, the Imperial districts with their stink of decay and poverty on one side, and the more affluent Telvanni districts on the other. Outside of this principal city though, there are a number of other Telvanni settlements, such as the port town of Marog that hangs from the cliffsides across the bay from Helnim, and the crossroads city of Tel Muthada, a town of towering heights in the middle of the relatively flat Fields of Helnim.

While this region offers the famous ruins of Kemel-Ze for the enterprising tourist, there’s few if any other major ruins to be found in this small oasis between the Boethian and Mephalain peaks, but it is far from a peaceful land. The weary traveler must be wary of the ever constant threat of bandits, rogues, and marauders that prey on the roadsides, ever eager to pick off easy targets.

Tamriel Rebuilt released the Fields of Helnim region as a part of Map 2 and included in the latest update back in August of 2014. This region is already pretty much completed, with interiors, dungeons, NPCs, and even quests in place. Still, if you want to help out with this massive project and contribute to one of the oldest continuously worked on mod projects in Morrowind’s history, why not head over to their website and join the team today?

You can download Tamriel Rebuilt’s latest release here, and visit their YouTube Channel here.

The music in this trailer is “Natures Wonders 2” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.

Province: Cyrodiil – Echoes of Stirk Trailer

A sad reminder of past ages of glory, the isle of Stirk, one of the many outlying holdings of the Empire, is but a shell of a once prosperous town. All around the island of Stirk one will find the monuments of past golden ages, from the massive ruins of ancient Ayleid settlements, to the worn down docks of a once thriving tourist destination.

Today Stirk’s residents largely live in poverty, making due as they can fishing in the Abecean Sea and working the docks when the occasional merchant vessel or Imperial navy ship come in. Though a long settled island, Stirk is rife with danger on the outer fringes, from the ancient ruins of Ayleid kings to daring pirates that grow bolder with every strike, and visitors are best advised to avoid the far reaches of the island.

You can visit Stirk today as part of the Province: Cyrodiil Stirk Alpha. Though not as yet complete, the Province: Cyrodiil team is currently putting on the finishing touches, with all interiors and most of the quests for the island complete, and a finalized version of Stirk could hopefully come out sometime this year. With that said, Province: Cyrodiil is in need of more modders to work on the cities of Anvil and Brina Cross, so you can help them rebuild Cyrodiil today by going to their websiteand joining the team!

You can download the Stirk Alpha here.
Check out the official Province: Cyrodiil trailer here.
You can also read more about the history of Stirk here.

The music in this trailer is “Natures Wonders 3” by composer Johannes Bornlof from Epidemic Sound.