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Morrowind Modding Interviews – Darknut

In this week’s episode of Morrowind Modding Interviews, we’re talking to Darknut, long-time member of the community and author behind popular mods such as Darknut’s Greater Dwemer Ruins. During this interview, we talk about Darknut’s current projects, including Greater Dwemer Ruins version 2, and where Darknut has drawn inspiration from for his mods.

A full list of mods that Darknut has released is included below:
Darknut’s Website

Morrowind Mods:
Darknut’s Greater Dwemer Ruins
Darknut’s Adamantium Claymore Replacement
Darknut’s Creature TexturesDarknut’s Creature Textures TB
Darknut’s Creature Textures BM
Darknut’s Creature Textures Addendum
Darknut’s Creatures 9 Textures
Darknut’s Morrowind Crafting 2.1 Textures
Darknut’s Carrot Weapons Mod
Darknut’s Umbra Sword
Darknut’s Dwemer Ruins Textures
Darknut’s Better Clothes Textures
Darknut’s Little Weapons Mod Complete
Darknut’s Armor Textures 1024
Darknut’s Divine Domina Armor Textures 1024
Darknut’s 1st Person Enhanced
Darknut’s 1st Person Helms
Darknut’s HD Start Menu Movie
Darknut’s HD Splash Screens
Darknut’s Greater Dwemer Ruins Resource Pack
Darknut’s Companion Mod
Ice Blade of the Monarch

The music in this episode is from a remix of the Morrowind theme done by Darknut.You can downloadDarknut’s music here

Tamriel Rebuilt – The Askkaedh Coast Trailer

Tamriel Rebuilt’s Askkaedh Coast region is a long and narrow band of coastline hugging the Inner Sea and bordering the Thirr River Valley in the south, and the canyons of the Roth Roryn region and early foothills of the Velothi Mountains in the north.

Overall rather sparsely populated, the region is home to a few towns and cities, such as the shack village of Gol Mok that sits at the mouth of the Thirr River and the small Imperial settlement of Teyn, one of the many bases of the Imperial Coast Guard and home to an Imperial Legion fort overlooking the Inner Sea. There’s also the massive Hlaalu city of Andothren that acts as a regional capital along the Roth Roryn border.

Tamriel Rebuilt released the Askkaedh Coast region as a part of their mainland alpha release in August of 2014, and the region is mostly complete, with some interiors already in place and a handfull of NPCs. If you want to help out with this massive project and contribute to one of the oldest continuously worked on mod projects in Morrowind’s history, why not head over to their website and join the team today?

You can download Tamriel Rebuilt’s latest release here.

And visit their YouTube Channel here.

The music in this trailer is “Mournhold” composed by Jon Babb (Bosa). You can download it as part of the Morrowind Music Overdose III package here.